24/7 Realty South combines with The Real Brokerage for growing networks

Troy Moritz, Owner of 24/7 Realty

The Real Brokerage Inc. (“Real” or the “Company”), one of the international, technology-powered real estate brokerage, recently announced that 24/7 Realty South, based in southern San Diego County, is joining its growing network of agents.

24/7 Realty South is affiliated with 24/7 Realty, which joined The Real Brokerage in June, and together these teams represent more than 300 agents. In the past 12 months, these teams combined closed over 900 transactions, which resulted in more than USD640 million in closed volume.

The brokerage was founded by Claudia Zaker and Mo Perez in 2014. Together, they set out to change the narrative around how agents were treated in their area. They sought to build an agency that put agents first and delivered the greatest opportunity for their success. In early 2022, the group joined Troy Moritz of 24/7 Realty and officially became a part of the 24/7 team, enabling the organization to expand throughout the greater San Diego area. Shortly after 24/7 moved to Real, Claudia and Mo decided it was the right move for their team as well.

“We’re excited to join Real because it enables us to provide a 100percent supportive environment for our agents,” Claudia said. “We’re taking what we’ve built and combining it with a brokerage that delivers a culture of growth, technology and the highest level of income opportunity. To me, this is a one-of-a-kind package.”

“We’ve been in this business long enough to know what agents want and what they need,” Mo said. “We partnered with 24/7 Realty to give our agents access to more opportunities for production; that’s what they want. And with Real, we’re able to help them save for retirement in a way that sets them up for long-term financial success.”

Troy Moritz, Owner of 24/7 Realty, expressed excitement that 24/7 Realty South would be joining Real as well.

“Partnering 24/7 Realty and The Real Brokerage was an essential step in continuing our exponential growth,” Troy said. “With all of the added benefits and resources, we are now providing our agents with every possible tool and advantage in this ever-changing market. We are very excited because this allows us to easily recreate the same model that we did with 24/7 Realty South but on a national scale.”

24/7 Realty South focuses primarily on the South Bay area of San Diego County, located equidistant from the City of San Diego and the U.S.-Mexico border, and is home to a broadly diverse population. The agency prides itself on community involvement and diversity that’s reflective of its agent roster and the area it calls home.



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