ABB stations its charging facilities for Shell Indonesia


ABB is deploying its Terra 54 DC (Direct Current) 50kW fast chargers for this project. ABB’s Terra 54 can charge a vehicle’s battery up from zero to 80 percent within 20-30 minutes, is compatible with all electric vehicles on the road and is certified to perform optimally within the environment of a petrol station. Through ABB Ability connected services, the company’s portfolio of digital solutions, chargers are connected to back offices, payment platforms or smart grids systems while charger status monitoring, remote diagnostics, repair and over-the-air software updates minimize downtime and keep running costs low.  

Many regional megacities across Southeast Asia, including Jakarta, are planning to make EVs an essential part of transport to combat air pollution problems. With Southeast Asia’s investment growth for electric vehicles estimated to grow to $6 billion by 2030, countries will need to be prepared to cater to this growing demand with new charging infrastructure and electrification needs. However, the lack of EV charging infrastructure is a top concern for countries in SEA.  

“Indonesia is starting the journey of electrifying its large vehicle fleet. Multiple stakeholders are working together to make this vision a reality and ABB is pleased to be part of this effort. We look forward to working with Shell in developing more charging infrastructure required to support the utilization of EVs,” said Jorge Aguinaga, Head of Electrification business area in Indonesia.

As affirmed to be one of the world’s largest energy suppliers, Shell is committed to providing more and cleaner energy solutions around the world including in Indonesia. This commitment is now further enhanced by providing electric vehicle (EV) charging facilities to support low-emission mobility.  

“The establishment of Shell Recharge, our electric vehicle charging facility at our sites, is a testament of our effort to support the Indonesian Government’s agenda in energy transition. We are confident that our charging facility available at Shell Pluit Selatan (North Jakarta), Shell Antasari (South Jakarta) and Jagorawi (Bogor) will be able to cater customer’s demand on low-carbon mobility, and we look forward to install more in the near future by collaborating with strategic partners. This is aligned with our Powering Progress strategy to accelerate the transition of our business to net-zero emissions energy business by 2050, in step with society,” said Ingrid Siburian, Deputy Director and Vice President Network Shell Mobility Indonesia.  

It is said that, to use the Shell Recharge facility, customers can buy a Recharge package consisting of pastry and coffee at a special price of Rp.85,000 at Shell Select deli2go, and customers can charge their electric vehicles for 30 minutes without being charged an additional fee.

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