Columbus launches Infor M3 Cloud for Accounts Payable solution

Columbus announces the launch of a new integration connector between the ERP system Infor M3 Cloud Edition and the Medius Spend Management and Accounts Payable solution. The integration connector enables a smooth transition for customers moving from on-prem to the cloud.

Two years ago, Columbus and Medius started developing an integration connector to enable a smooth transition from M3 on-prem to M3 Cloud. Already then, it was obvious there would be a great demand for such a solution, and that it would be an asset for M3 customers going to the cloud. And the timing was just right.

 ”As trusted digital advisors we need to stay ahead of the game and solve our customer’s future challenges. In this case, integrating two cloud-based solutions with constant updates takes a lot of effort and can be a challenge. A challenge we are here to help customers solve”, says Ole Fritze, Chief Operating Officer at Columbus.

The connector ensures the possibility for customers to choose the best-of-breed solution for their accounts payable automation in the cloud.

Ulf Schnürer, VP Partner at Medius AP Automation, says the partnership with Columbus is successful “The Medius and M3 suites have been operating very well together for a long time with more than 160 M3/Medius international customers to date. Out of those, more than 20 Medius customers already run efficient business operations on the M3 Cloud Edition, thanks to this integration connector. Columbus will be able to support the M3 on-prem customers on their cloud journey, starting with Medius accounts payable automation, and the offer will soon include all Medius spend management applications, including sourcing, procurement, contract management, and supplier management”.

 Ole Fritze adds “The integration connector enables M3 customers to optimize and streamline their operations in a multi-tenant cloud environment so it’s helping them, and from our point of view, we added a new product to the market by introducing the Medius connector to the M3 Cloud edition”.



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