Hashflow announces the addition of Wintermute to the Hashflow ecosystem

Varun Kumar, co-founder of Hashflow.

DeFi trading platform Hashflow has announced the addition of Wintermute, one of the leading global algorithmic market maker, to the Hashflow ecosystem. With cumulative trading volumes of more than USD1.9 trillion to its name, Wintermute adds significant liquidity and market efficiency to Hashflow.

Coming on the heels of a USD25 million funding round bringing the company’s valuation to USD400 million, the addition of Wintermute builds on Hashflow’s ever-growing market maker ecosystem expansion. Despite challenging market conditions, Hashflow continues to augment the platform’s liquidity at a rapid pace.

“Wintermute’s venture arm has championed Hashflow’s mission from day one as a key investor in our seed and Series A funding rounds. Thanks to support from Wintermute and other early investors, our team has built a new standard in DeFi trading,” said Varun Kumar, co-founder of Hashflow. “Now, with Wintermute’s support on market-making, Hashflow users can trade across chains with guaranteed price execution and full MEV-resistance. Wintermute enhances our platform capabilities and positions us to keep offering better solutions, including scaling liquidity to allow users to execute larger trades.”

With professional market-makers offering quotes rather than relying on a bonding curve, Hashflow is able to provide users with better and more consistent pricing. The RFQ model also prevents sandwich attacks, front-running, and other MEV exploits while also enabling a seamless, native, cross-chain experience.

“There is massive opportunity within the Hashflow ecosystem, and we are excited to provide liquidity and market make on Hashflow,” said Evgeny Gaevoy, founder and CEO of Wintermute. “Furthermore, as investors in Hashflow, we are big believers in what the team is building. Wintermute is committed to doing everything we can to support Hashflow on its impressive growth journey.”



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