How to gain ‘position 0’ in Google Search Ranking

It is no secret that if your website is ranking well on Google, then you can expect a decent amount of organic traffic. Whether you are an e-commerce store, a blogger, or something else, SEO content is a powerful marketing technique. However, time and time again many fall short of utilizing SEO because they are not meeting all the criteria necessary.

Snippets. What are they?

Containing a small amount of content on the page you will be searching for, snippets are there to give the searcher a taste of what information the page might contain. If you’ve searched on Google, you would have often come across a snippet of a page, seen above all the other links on your search. As the snippet is seen above all the other links, many SEO professionals have come to call it ‘position 0’. According to research conducted by Rank Ranger, over 11% of searches contain a ‘position 0’ link.

How can you get your snippet on Google?

In today’s post, we will help shine some light on how to effectively create SEO content that will snag you Googles’ ultimate ranking: Position 0. If you aren’t sure what this is, keep reading while we explain. 

With billions of people searching on Google daily, having a ‘position 0’ is one of the best ways to increase the number of people clicking and viewing your website. With all these people asking questions every day, Google chooses the snippets that best answer the questions these searchers ask. As the ‘position 0’ is right at the top of the page, and also answers the question they asked clearly, the searcher is much more likely to click on the link. Many businesses have found their website clicks increase massively after getting a ‘position 0’ link onto Google.

By ensuring your website contains lots of keywords and answers the question clearly and concisely, you will be well on your way to getting ‘position 0’ on Google and vastly improving your website traffic.

Best topics for you to obtain position 0

In-depth research has been carried out to understand the best method in achieving position 0. From the analysis, there are some clear winners. The following topics listed feature the most used snippets:

  • Financial
  • Mathematical
  • Time
  • Transitional
  • Requirements
  • Health
  • DIY Processes

Worst topics to use

Furthermore, the analysis also took note of the topics that were least likely to feature a snippet, and therefore, making position 0 unreachable. These include:

  • Local
  • Info/help
  • Factual
  • Shopping
  • Images and videos

Help from the experts

We have discussed the fundamental knowledge required to achieve Position 0 on Google. However, when SEO is concerned there are many different factors to consider. If you’re looking to enhance your organic website traffic, get in touch today. We are a team of SEO professionals that are dedicated to improving your rankings. Enjoy a great ROI which can be shown from our tangible results. Grow your exposure today, by contacting us. 


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