How to improve your website performance


Now more than ever is it important to increase your online exposure. With internet sales and services increasing significantly due to unprecedented events, the world wide web has never been so competitive.

A good marketing campaign is just one element when interacting with customers online. If your website is badly optimised then it can prevent sales or leads. The website is the reflection of your company, therefore, if it’s slow or hard to navigate, many customers will most likely go to your competitors instead.


No one wants to spend ages looking at the wall while your website loads. The website load speed can change depending on where your website server is located. Therefore, if the majority of your sales are coming from a different country, e.g. America, and your server is based in The UK, the website will take longer to load for Americans. If this is the case, and you’ve tested your website from the desired location, you may need to look into changing servers.

For a better idea of the website speed, googles speed test is available here – Test website speed.


For customers to trust your website you need an SSL certificate. This ensures that it is protected with web security. Most browsers will notify users that the website is unsafe if it is not SSL certified. Therefore, it is so important to ensure the website has this, especially if you’re making online payments through the site. Not only to increase sales but to keep your customer’s valuable information secure against online attackers.

Google will also rank your website poorly if it’s not secure, which leads to potential sales lost by not gaining organic traffic.


When a customer stumbles across your site, it is crucial to provide the easiest route for them to journey around all the pages needed. Users that feel frustrated and cannot locate the information they require will lower your conversion rate. Marketing campaigns can often be expensive, therefore, every sale counts.

Display the essential information and links clearly so users can browse effortlessly. Small changes can make the biggest differences.


You’ve probably heard of SEO (search engine optimisation) but aren’t sure what it involves, right? When it comes to SEO, finding the best strategy can be confusing and timely. For example, excellent SEO blogs can generate organic traffic, which in turn, increases your overall google ranking while generating sales or leads. However, badly thought-out SEO blogs won’t provide any value at all.

Talk to the experts

Understanding everything you need to know about increasing your website performance can be difficult. To prevent going around in circles before you start seeing any results, receiving help from experts is a great choice. While you focus on your core business operations, a professional digital marketer can take care of the rest. At Target Agency in the UK, we provide the top digital marketing services and web design. Our results speak for themselves. If you’re interested in our services, contact us today to improve your ROI.


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