We are all aware of the fact that we need to reduce our CO2 footprint. The effects of climate change do not just harm us, they harm all living beings in the world including animals and plants. We are slowly heating up and causing disastrous changes on the whole ecosystem. The sea level is rising as glaciers are melting, the animals’ food chain is disturbed and humans face a new level of natural disasters as heat and cold waves are peaking.

The world matters. This is a fact, not an opinion.

Now what can we do to stop this trend, you’re asking? Many of us have already started to reduce our CO2 footprint. We are more likely to eat less meat, buy organic groceries, check vegetables and fruits regarding their origins and started eating more eat seasonally. Moreover, we tend to prefer taking the bike and going by public transport systems instead of by car. A trend of sustainable fashion can be detected as well. However, when it comes to business, many people are fading out their principles.

“Going for public transport systems can reduce CO2 emissions by 37 million tons a year.”

It is not as hard as you may think, though. You can easily take actions when it comes to your workday. It starts with minor details like turning off the lights when you do not need them, using less air conditioning and drinking water from the tap whenever possible. You can also adapt your meeting behaviour according to new, modern and much-needed standards: Start having video meetings instead of traveling for business and you’re already drastically reducing your CO2 footprint.

“As a single Economy flyer, you are responsible for 1503 kg CO2 when you’re going for a round trip from Vienna to New York. When you’re having a video call instead you cause ZERO CO2 while enjoying a face-to-face interaction. Think about it”

Start communicating

We all know: communication is key. Therefore, it has to be an important part of the daily business, especially if you work in a team. However, often the team is spread over the world and therefore you have to find a way to keep each other in the loop. Although, you might think that travelling to your team or partners is the easiest way – you are wrong.

Arranging business trips is very time-consuming. You have to address people when they are free, flights and hotels have to be booked and presentations and data have to be prepared. Secondly, it is costly.  Do I need to explain any further? Last but not least: it is really bad for the environment. The most effective way to significantly reduce your carbon footprint is simple. You have to fly less. How do you manage your business meetings now? Start having video meetings instead. So simple. So effective. 

“A 10-hour flight burns 136,000 liters of fuel. In 2017, commercial aircrafts needed so much fuel, that 133,246 Olympic-sized pools could be filled.”

Video communication solution

Increase your quality of life

Video meetings contribute to your quality of life. How often have you traveled for at least 5 hours to get to an appointment within Europe? If you have to fly overseas, it takes at least half of your day. It is exhausting and involves long waiting hours and lots of busy phases. Therefore, avoiding business traveling is highly encouraged by everyone around you. You should spend more time with the people around you (and reduce your CO2 footprint at the same time).

“Working remotely from home only 2 days a week saves approximately 725 kg of greenhouse gas emissions a year.”With video communication, you can avoid travel phases and if needed, you can even work from home. Moreover, in case of unexpected circumstances, video meetings can be started within one minute. It is more cost-effective and far easier to respond to a video meeting than going somewhere spontaneously to discuss urgent topics.

Avoid plastic & disposable utensils

When you organize a meeting with your team and partners, coffee, snacks, water, and juices are usually supplied since these meetings last for a decent amount of time. We also tend to buy snack on airports and train stations that involve a lot of plastic waste. We don’t want to judge anyone, because we all know how valuable our time is. But if you start comparing these meetings with video meetings, you realize that you can reduce your amount of plastic waste by having more online meetings as well. Use your favourite coffee cup and have your glass with water from the tap on your desk and start reducing your CO2 footprint once again.

Have video meetings

Clearly, video meetings can have so many positive effects. Not only for the environment but also for you personally. Stop wasting money, time and costs on unnecessary business travel and start using video meetings. The world’s ecosystem will thank you.


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