Huobi Brokerage Launches New Crypto Lending Business for Institutional Investors

Huobi Technology Holdings Limited announced the launch of Huobi Lending, a cryptocurrency lending service, to meet the financing needs of institutional investors and high net worth individuals. The services will be provided under Huobi Brokerage, a digital asset brokerage platform under Huobi Tech.

Leveraging cryptocurrency assets as financing tools to increase liquidity is growing in popularity as the asset class has become more and more attractive to institutional investors and high net worth individuals in recent years. Crypto lending services can play an important role in helping these customers meet their liquidity needs and improve their return on investments.

Huobi Brokerage provides compliant, safe, and institutional-grade brokerage services for institutions and high-net-worth clients. With Huobi Lending, Huobi Brokerage can now offer an over-the-counter crypto-backed lending solution for its customers, adding another valuable solution to its extensive suite of services.

Our institutional customers may need USDT or other digital currencies for liquidity reasons, but at the same time are hesitant to cash out their crypto assets, for fear of missing out on potential gains. The lending services offered by Huobi Lending can provide customers with an optimal solution. Customers can use their crypto assets as collateral to finance purchases of other digital currencies, resolving their short-term liquidity needs.

Institutional customers see compliance, security, and price transparency as their utmost priorities when selecting crypto asset brokerages. Huobi Brokerage strives to provide compliant and safe brokerage services for both institutions and high net worth individuals, and carries out strict, multi-level risk control management, adhering to anti-money laundering requirements set by Hong Kong regulations. At the same time, Huobi Brokerage offers loans at competitive rates, and can meet customer-specific lending demands through one-on-one consultations.

“We are excited to launch another new business under Huobi Brokerage, and will continue to improve our services and strive to become Asia’s leading one-stop platform for virtual asset services. Huobi Brokerage is one of our most important business lines for crypto asset financial services. We will improve our existing businesses and gradually introduce more services to cater to our customers’ demands as the industry continues to evolve. We believe that developing new crypto asset financial services under Huobi Tech can supplement our brokerage business,” said Huobi Tech CFO Lily Zhang.



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