Mobil 1 and Porsche extend deal till 2026, will include electric powertrain fluids

Mobil 1 and Porsche recently announced the extension of their long-term relationship ensuring Mobil 1 motor oil remains the factory- and recommended-service-fill motor oil for Porsche vehicles through 2026. For 25 years, Mobil 1 brand and Porsche have collaborated to bring about a great driving experience for consumers and motorsports drivers. The two iconic brands share the same commitment to research and advanced technology and a passion for maximizing engine efficiency and protection.

“Mobil 1 helps Porsche drivers unlock their passion and the performance of their vehicle, offering an optimum balance of performance, protection, durability and efficiency that Porsche’s high-performance cars require,” said Mike Smith, Director of strategic global alliances at ExxonMobil Fuels & Lubricants. “Since 1996, we have built a strong partnership that embodies what our consumers and team drivers want, need and expect from our world class brands and performance-driven industry leaders. Those who came before us, and our leaders today, are committed to advancing both performance and reliability, together we look forward to pushing the evolving technological boundaries of all Porsche vehicles over the next 25 years and beyond.”

Forward thinking has long been the foundation of the automotive industry. For electric vehicles, Mobil 1 provides electric powertrain fluids to Porsche, developed specifically to meet specialized demands. Mobil EV claims to bring outstanding efficiency without losing vehicle power, dynamics, or safety. At the same time, the wider Porsche Formula E and Mobil EV partnership provides the ultimate automotive track-to-road proving ground with the continuation of development in high-performance lubricants and fluids.

“For two and a half decades, our teams have collaborated closely on developing engines that power some of the most desirable and technically-advanced performance cars ever seen,” said Dr. Michael Steiner, Porsche’s Member of the Executive Board – Research and Development. “As Porsche competes and demonstrates the capabilities of its electric vehicle technology, ExxonMobil continues to engineer a full suite of Mobil-branded lubricants to help the Porsche Formula E team build on its racing legacy. A legacy that’s steeped in a rich tradition of ExxonMobil products, and further exemplified with Mobil EV. This milestone and contract extension not only celebrates the Porsche and ExxonMobil partnership today, but it brings additional opportunities to expand our brand portfolio with new product technologies, and will continue to do so for years to come.”



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