NFT Expoverse Los Angeles – The future, happening now


NFT Expoverse is an educational 3-day event showcasing the inevitable mass-scale adoption of blockchain technology and how it will affect our world. Whether you’re a business or an individual, you’ll learn about the next major advancement in our society, and how you can apply it to your everyday life – today. Entrepreneurs, artists, collectors, gamers, & digital enthusiasts won’t want to miss this.

From Defi platforms and DAOs to NFT galleries, P2E video game developers and dApps will participate in NFT Expoverse. Any type of blockchain-related enterprise is welcome to showcase its innovations at this massive event and allow users to experience its products and
services first-hand. Getting a booth at NFT Expoverse means accessing the blockchain industry’s core and positioning oneself as a leader in a new and fast-growing market.

No matter your level of expertise, NFT Expoverse has something for you: 

  • Exclusive NFT drops – by game developers, artists, auction houses, fashion brands, musicians, sports teams, and digital metaverses bringing all of them together.
  • Speakers & Educators – Take advantage of hours of invaluable content, knowledge, seminars, and more with Q&A. 
  • Networking – Make new acquaintances and discuss opportunities face to face.
  • Play to earn – New types of game economies owned and controlled by players and communities.
  • In Game Items/Loot – Through Blockchain games, guarantee the true ownership of in-game items. 
  • DeFi – lend and borrow funds, trade and speculate on price movements and earn interest on their assets.
  • Special Appearances – Stay tuned as we secure special guests and industry leaders 


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