Real Brokerage unveils new consumer website


The Real Brokerage Inc.(“Real” or the “Company”), an international, technology powered real estate brokerage,recently announced the launch of its new website,, an interactive real estate listings portal aimed at consumers.

The site features in depth search functionality that allows users to find properties to buy, sell or rent based on the following criteria location, price, home type, number of bedrooms, number of bathrooms and amenities. The site also enables users to search for agents by name or location.

Real Chairman and CEO Tamir Poleg Image: Source

“This is an exciting move for Real as we move toward speaking directly to consumers,” said Real Chairman and CEO Tamir Poleg. “We have long been the best brokerage for agents—offering industry-leading splits, a fully integrated platform and a collaborative culture—but is our initial step in bringing Real to the consumer-facing real estate space.”

By capturing the information of consumers looking for a partner in the real estate journey, provides an added lead generation resource for its agents looking to grow their businesses. The company’s existing website,, has been revamped to speak directly to agent attraction and provides significant information about Real as a brokerage and how agents can benefit.

The investor section of the site,, has also migrated to This section provides key information and reports that investors and potential investors will be interested in.


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