Semarchy launches xDI as part of Intelligent Data Hub platform


Semarchy, a data management solution, recently announced the release of xDI a data integration component, as part of their Intelligent Data Hub platform. According to key analyst firms, Semarchy is already a leader in the Master Data Management (MDM) sector, and this release further strengthens its position as a best-in-class technology solution provider.

Semarchy xDM enables organizations to rapidly improve business outcomes by addressing underlying data problems using a single software platform for governance, master data, reference data, data quality, enrichment, and workflows. With the introduction of xDI for data integration, and leveraging its many capabilities and connectors, clients will be able to accelerate and simplify embedding the platform in their enterprise applications architecture.

“We have always had a vision of delivering an agile, flexible, scalable, and fully integrated data hub that delivers rapid, measurable business outcomes. The launch of xDI demonstrates our commitment to continued innovation and strengthens our ability to deliver these results, and eases the deployment of a Data Fabric architecture for our clients,” said TH Herbert, CEO of Semarchy.

New and existing clients will be able to use xDI as either a standalone product or together with new or existing instances of xDM. The Semarchy platform is specifically designed for flexibility and scale when it comes to any type of data integration.

“Semarchy xDI provides high-performance, agile, and extensible data integration for all integration styles and use cases. Its large number of connectors, which include cutting edge technologies such as Kafka, Google BigQuery, Snowflake, or Spark, coupled with the elegant universal mapping approach, and extensible using templates makes it a perfect match not only for data hubs but in all data initiatives,” said FX Nicolas, Chief Product Officer of Semarchy.

Some of the key benefits and features of xDI include Universal Mapping, a metadata-driven approach to integration, and an ELT architecture with delegated transformations, all of which allow clients to deliver the data their business requires in time while keeping their costs under strict control. With xDI, organizations can tackle all integration challenges including Traditional business intelligence, Advanced analytics, Application integration, and data hubs, Anonymization and compliance, and Data Services.



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