Farasis Energy unveils Super Pouch Solution (SPS)

The Super Pouch Solution (SPS) (PRNewsfotoFarasis Energy)

Standing at the vanguard of future EV requirements, Farasis Energy, a global leader in lithium-ion power batteries for new energy vehicles and energy storage systems, showcases several latest innovations, including the Super Pouch Solution (SPS), eVTOL battery technology, high-performance battery system solutions for electric motorcycles, as well as portable power stations, at the first China […]

Fujitsu Finland inks agreement with Kempower

Fujitsu Finland inks agreement with Kempower

Fujitsu Finland and Kempower, recently announced the signing of an agreement under which Fujitsu will provide both end-user and device services to Kempower as a strategic partner. Under the three-year contract, Fujitsu commenced delivery of its solutions at the end of October. Kempower is a global company headquartered in Finland, which designs and manufactures DC […]

Kandi America enters into a partnership with Rural King to Expand U.S. Footprint

Kandi America enters into Partnership with Rural King to Expand U.S. Footprint

Kandi America, a leading distributor of fully-electric personal transportation and utility vehicles, a.k.a. SC Autosports, LLC, a fully owned subsidiary of Kandi Technologies Group, Inc., today announced a strategic partnership with Rural King, one of the nation’s largest farm and home retailers across the Midwest and Southern US. This collaboration marks a milestone for Kandi […]

FEV and ITL develop new battery housing concept for EVs

FEV together with the production specialist for aluminum hot sheet forming, Impression Technologies (ITL) has presented a battery housing concept for electric vehicles. Utilizing HFQ® Technology, it makes optimum use of the space available for energy storage. For this purpose, the demanding structural requirements for this component are implemented in a novel way. By completely […]

SK On signs deal with Westwater Resources to develop anode materials

SK On, a leading electric vehicle (EV) battery manufacturer, announced yesterday it has signed a joint development agreement (JDA) with U.S. graphite company Westwater Resources Inc. as part of efforts to strengthen its battery raw material supply chain in North America following the enactment of the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA). Under the agreement, the two […]

Tula Technology enables rare Earth-Free Electric Vehicles

R. Scott Bailey, President and Chief Executive Officer, Tula Technology

In 2021, Tula Technology, Inc. rang the alarm about the industry’s reliance on rare earth elements (REE) used in the manufacturing of magnets critical to traditional electric vehicle (EV) production. These raw materials, used for magnet and motor production, result in widespread environmental damage, and the sourcing of these materials are subject to supply-demand imbalances, […]

Barry Coflan joins Xendee’s Board of Directors

The Xendee Corporation, a leading DER and EV charging infrastructure design and operation software provider, announced today that Barry Coflan has joined its board of directors. Barry brings a wealth of strategic business and technical experience to Xendee, having previously served as Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer at Schneider Electric’s Smart Buildings Division. […]

FLEETCOR announces acquisition of Mina

FLEETCOR Technologies, Inc. , a leading global business payments and spend management company, recently announced the acquisition of Mina, a cloud-based electric vehicle (EV) charging software platform. The acquisition provides FLEETCOR with the market-leading home-charging software solution for commercial fleets in the UK and follows a successful partnership between the companies. The acquisition gives FLEETCOR the UK’s […]

AMPECO raises USD 16 mln in venture capital investment

AMPECO has raised a total of USD 16M in venture capital investment after having closed a Series A funding round of USD 13M led by BMW i Ventures. The funding will be used to drive further expansion into North America with a local presence while growing AMPECO’s engineering and product innovation teams. In addition to […]

Lightyear begins production of its Solar Car

Lightyear, the Dutch high-tech company that is said to be developing the world’s first solar-electric car, commences production of its first vehicle, Lightyear 0, at Valmet Automotive’s facility in Finland. The company plans on producing one car a week and gradually scaling up its production in the first quarter of 2023. It claims to be […]