Cognizant enters into a strategic partnership with Telstra

Cognizant enters into a strategic partnership with Telstra to elevate software engineering capabilities and enhance customer experience

Cognizant yesterday announced a five-year strategic partnership with Telstra as part of the Australian telecommunications and technology company’s strategy for growth. Cognizant will introduce new ways of working to accelerate Telstra’s software engineering and IT capabilities and leverage modern technologies, such as artificial intelligence (AI) to drive innovation and improve operational efficiency. The strategic partnership […]

StratCap hires Seale Duggar and expands wireless infrastructure team

StratCap recently expanded its wireless infrastructure team (StratCap Wireless) with a key hire it believes will help execute its mission of acquiring, developing, and managing mission critical digital infrastructure assets that support broadband connectivity. The company is proud to announce the hiring of Seale Duggar as Director of Contract Management. Mrs. Duggar has significant experience […]