ManageEngine announced the launch of SaaS Manager Plus

ManageEngine, a division of Zoho Corporation announced the launch of SaaS Manager Plus, a SaaS management solution for enterprises. SaaS Manager Plus seamlessly integrates with Zoho apps and other widely utilized applications, empowering IT admins and finance managers to streamline their SaaS ecosystems and identify cost-saving opportunities for better budget allocation. Gartner projects the worldwide spending on public cloud […]

BigBoss’s Innovations in CFD Trading: Customer-Centric Services and Their Benefits

BigBoss adheres to the philosophy of ‘continuing reform, improvement, and challenges with reliability in mind, to provide high-quality services to our customers.’ The reliability stemming from this customer-first principle is undoubtedly the reason traders choose BigBoss. Besides this, there are many other advantages to BigBoss. We will discuss what these benefits are and how BigBoss […]

How To Accept Payments in Crypto: A Natural Step for the Modern Business

Don’t get left behind Blockbuster dominated the video rental industry for years. However, as the digital age ushered in new technologies and consumer preferences shifted towards online streaming and digital content, Blockbuster struggled to adapt. They continued to focus on their traditional brick-and-mortar rental model, underestimating the potential and growth of online streaming services. The […]

Upskilling as a Remote Worker: the Best Audiobooks for the Job

Many US employees continue to shun their cubicles in favor of their home offices. A Pew Research Center survey found that 35% of workers who can do their jobs remotely do so all the time. Meanwhile, 34% of hybrid workers would prefer to go fully remote. Ultimately, it’s clear that remote work is here to stay. However, […]

Future Predictions For The Global Financial Market – What To Expect In 2024

During periods of great uncertainty, financial markets are subject to significant fluctuations. In 2024, the global financial marketplace will face a significant transformation driven by economic, geopolitical, and technological tensions. Typically, US stocks, oil, and Bitcoin are often considered prime indicators for market predictions because they represent key sectors of the economy, financial markets, and […]

The Growing Market for Online Traders in Africa

Analyzing recent socio-economic climate in Africa, global broker FBS formulates its view on the conditions shaping Africa as a fast-growing market for online trading. Recently, Africa experienced a surge in online trading, becoming a new growing market for this type of financial activity. What are the reasons for this? What are the perspectives of traders […]

Beyond the Dichotomy of Traditional and Digital Marketing

In an era dominated by digital marketing fervour, it is crucial to recognize the enduring significance of traditional strategies, particularly for brands that have diverse customer persona. The clamour for digital channels often overshadows the inherent complexities of non-digital products and services. A one-size-fits-all approach isn’t viable; each product/service demands a tailored strategy. While digital […]


Ghana’s fastest-growing financial institution OmniBSIC Bank is blazing the trail in the Banking  sector in Ghana with its continuous financial performance and service culture. OmniBSIC, a fully-fledged universal Bank is ensuring it is a Bank of choice for all existing and  potential customers through service delivery.  The Bank traces its roots to a merger between […]