Tallgrass partners Kanin Energy to expands WHP clean energy projects

Tallgrass and Kanin Energy recently announced a joint effort to develop four waste heat to power (WHP) clean energy projects. Once developed, the WHP projects will have an installed capacity of more than 48 MW of baseload, carbon free energy. The projects are a part of Tallgrass’ ongoing efforts to lead in the energy transition.

Waste Heat to Power is a source of clean energy. WHP projects capture heat that is a byproduct from industrial processes and converts that waste heat into electricity, requiring no additional fuels.

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All four WHP projects three in Ohio and one in Indiana are expected to start producing power in 2024. The projects are expected to generate approximately 410,000 MWh of electricity annually, the equivalent of providing decarbonized power to 38,000 households in the United States.

Justin Campbell, Vice President Power & Transmission for Tallgrass

“Decarbonization is a priority for Tallgrass. We are working hard to identify opportunities to reduce emissions and promote clean power generation and that includes capturing and using heat that is currently wasted to generate electricity,” said Justin Campbell, Vice President Power & Transmission for Tallgrass. “Kanin’s expertise in this space de-risks and expedites the implementation of this project, which allows us to indirectly offset nearly 250,000 tons of CO2 equivalent a year and provide carbon-free power to local communities where we operate. These are the types of decarbonization opportunities and new investments that we are looking at across our system.”

Janice Tran, CEO of Kanin Energy Image:Source

“We’re excited to be working with Tallgrass to develop these waste heat to power projects. We see 24/7 carbon-free energy as the next frontier of sustainability. We are focused on our proprietary waste heat to power projects because they provide baseload power from heat in industrial processes that would otherwise not be used and to create something valuable – clean energy. This is a great opportunity to help the industrial sector quickly meet their decarbonization goals,” said Janice Tran, CEO of Kanin Energy.

Headquartered in Houston, Texas and Calgary, Alberta, Kanin Energy is among the first companies to develop industrial waste heat to power projects with a technology agnostic approach in North America.

Kanin Energy brings together technology, engineering, and innovative waste heat to power project designs to generate baseload, emissions-free electricity for the grid or on-site use. WHP captures excess thermal energy and converts it into electricity. This is done using an Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) closed loop system that uses heat to drive a turbine and generate emission free power.

Tallgrass owns and operates pipeline and energy infrastructure in 12 states across the country. Tallgrass has emphasized clean power and emissions reduction investments, and this agreement with Kanin Energy further demonstrates Tallgrass’ commitment to decarbonization and enhanced operational efficiency.



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