10 Best WordPress Plugins For eCommerce Businesses In 2021

In this article we will analyse the best WordPress Plugins for eCommerce.

Imagine a world where you desire a fabulous website for your eCommerce business and your basic package and tools deliver the same!

Sounds amazing, right?

Well, that’s because it is, or at least it can be – just a splash of some powerful plugins and your site is ready to take off.

 So come along and discover the beautiful world of plugins, with us through this article.

 Why Plugins?

A plugin, which is nothing more than a software component that can add a feature to your existing or new webpage, is a vital part of any site in today’s day and age. After all, from eCommerce and animations to social media, security, and spam prevention – everything has a corresponding plugin that can help you control and manage the feature.

As is evident from its definition itself, these components are used to add or extend the functionality and capability of your website. When you require customizations, these components are exactly what you need. Fixing the bugs that find their way into your codes and crawl across the firewalls you installed is also a task made simple with the help of relevant WordPress plugins for eCommerce.

While these are just some basic functions a plugin may perform, there are several more with various other benefits to be explored. Let’s take a look together at some such feature options that made it to our ‘Top 10 List’.

10 Must-Use WordPress Plugins for eCommerce


Creating conversion campaigns in the form of full-screen welcome banners, pop ups, and floating bars was never easier than this!

With OptinMonster’s range of pre-designed templates and a simple user interface, anyone can utilize its available functionalities even without a coding background. No technical knowledge is a must to make optimal use of its features through a drag-and-drop builder.

Being a renowned conversion optimization and lead generation software for eCommerce-based businesses across the globe, it is an expert in ensuring that your audiences are taking the actions you want them to take on your site. These campaigns can be used as per need to improve the viewership of your site, add to your email marketing database, and work towards a rise in the sales numbers, etc.


An Open SaaS platform, BigCommerce is one of the best WordPress plugins for eCommerce available in the market that can help your eBusiness in generating and receiving higher sales. With its cloud-hosting ability, integration of the same with your WordPress website can be smooth as a dream.

Trusted by some major brand names ranging from Ben & Jerry’s to Skullcandy and Tyler’s to Burrow, this software has made a name for itself through its amazing features that include giving you a free hand in designing, flexible framework, global transactional reach, valuable analytics and insights as well as robust security.

While it is both a free-standing software alongside being attainable in the form of a WordPress plugin, it is specially created in a way that even those without the technical know-how required to set up an online store can do so. The scalability it offers combined with its SEO-friendly elements makes BigCommerce a highly favored name in the eCommerce industry.

All-In-One SEO

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is an activity that every website developer, as well as owner, undertakes to ensure a higher ranking and good visibility to audiences on the various search engines like Google, Bing, etc. However, going through the entire content that a site is displaying alongside the data that is hidden but still plays a crucial role is a worrisome task in itself.

Here enters All-In-One SEO, which is a user-friendly WordPress plugins for eCommerce that gives you a complete analysis of your webpages, SEO score, and even suggests optimization opportunities. On the one hand, its Headline Analyzer assists you in choosing the best headers for your website based on not just SEO but factors like audience readability, clarity, length, and much more. Simultaneously, on the other hand, it also provides ease of social media integrations with the page.


According to a study published by the Hosting Tribunal, approximately 40% of the sites on the internet today are built on WordPress, and if we only look at the websites made using a CMS, we get a whopping 64.1% that are WP-based. As per the same research, it has also been estimated that about 90,000 attacks happen every minute on WP websites. This brings up the burning question of security on this platform.

BackupBuddy is a plugin that comes highly recommended for all sites, and more so for the eCommerce-enabled ones. It is reliable when it comes to retrieving the lost customer data due to a cyberattack or a hardware failure. This easy-to-set-up element helps create a backup of the entire website that can be accessed in times of site crashes and hacks.

You can also save this backup thus made on a remote cloud server for additional protection.


Tracking which marketing campaign is bringing you the most sales is simple, but being able to track every single email that has led to a conversion is a superpower that Sendinblue lends to its users. After all, who wouldn’t want to know what works and what doesn’t!

An email service at its core, it can also help you with launching SMS campaigns. A user-friendly plugin, it is known to integrate with WordPress seamlessly, thus automating all your campaigns and giving a boost to your sales. Audience segmentation and A/B Testing features available in this software further assist you in picking who your audiences should be and where your efforts might not bear any fruit at all.

Cart Recovery

Abandoning a shopping cart in a supermarket is a definite problem for the buyers, but when it comes to shopping online? Cart abandonment is a phenomenon witnessed more often than not seeing as it is easy to resume the process the next time one logs in. However, the eCommerce stores that are bearing this overload of deserted baskets face the real brunt of the issue with halfway sales and ambiguity in the success of a marketing campaign.

Cart Recovery for WordPress is a plugin that equips the owners to tackle this situation with full force by tracking said carts and sending them automated email reminders about the same. This software can also help a business by automatically saving the name and contact information of a buyer as soon as it is entered into the system during the checkout process, thus enabling the store in expanding its customer database.


Have you ever tried looking up an item online without knowing what it was called or misspelling it along the way? Well, that is what your customers might be doing too. Which means if you do not provide them with educated guesses and suggestions as to what it might be that they are looking for, you might just lose a buyer.

The WP plugin Relevanssi comes in handy here as its primary aim is to improve the search function of your eStore. It can help you in customizing the searches while including the entire content available on your site so as to accurately predict what your customer might want. The “Did you mean” query prompted by the page alongside an array of items is also an invaluable feature provided through this plugin. This entire process in turn improves your customers’ experiences, increases sales, and vastly reduces your website’s bounce rate.

Broken Link Checker

The page ranking of a site on any given search engine is not based only on the SEO technique of keyword integration. Rather, a lot of factors come into play including the number and quality of backlinks said page has. While a simple search on Ahrefs can give you a detailed report on who is following and tagging your website, what it fails to provide is the mention of those broken links that were once active but have for some reason now changed status. Simultaneously, the inactive links on your own website can also lead to some embarrassing moments which can result in you losing a customer.

Broken Link Checker as a plugin is of enormous help when it comes to this dilemma. It does not just keep an eye on the various blogs, comments, and pages, etc where links were placed, but also looks within each nook and cranny of your site to determine where those broken links are hidden so that you may resolve them before your bounce rate starts rising. It also assists you in editing said links right from the dashboard that comes with it, instead of scouring the codes for the same.


Adding a survey form to your webpage can be a brilliant idea for when you wish to know what it is exactly that your buyers expect and want from you. An innovative plugin, this comes with a lot of options and tools available to make a comprehensive form, including features like the Likert scale, multiple-choice questions, rating systems, and reviews, etc.

 With WPForms, you can also hold polls with real-time results without fretting about the coding required to do it, thanks to the drag-and-drop builder it uses. Creating forms ranging over multiple pages and email integration of the same are also some great uses of this plugin.

Easy Digital Downloads

Selling physical items online is a business that is always on its toes, but selling digital products through your eStore is also not an easy task. Easy Digital Downloads or EDD is a WordPress plugins for eCommerce that comes to your rescue in such a scenario.

Be it eBooks, PDF files, data reports, or even WordPress plugins themselves, these all come under the category of digital products, and thus dealing in them is a task best done through a software like EDD that offers multiple payment gateway options and marketing platforms to promote the goods. It works with almost every WordPress theme there is and is easy to use. In case you require help though, it also has tutorials and videos alongside chatrooms to appropriately resolve your query.

Closing Thoughts + Additional Tip 

While there could be tons upon tons of plugins, softwares, extensions and additional log file analysis tools available to you for making your eBusiness a simple picking out of the lot, what you need to focus on is choosing accurately what feature you actually require and which you can do away with.

Now that we have covered all the plugins that can help you make the sale, you will need one last one to source your products and automate your fulfillment process. 

Being involved in eCommerce you surely heard of dropshipping in the past. 

This incredible supply management chain system can help you save up a lot of money and give you the possibility to scale your sales very quickly, as you will have an actual professional supplier who will evade your clients’ orders on your behalf. 

Now, most dropshipping products originate from China, and it is likely that not all of these items are of the best quality. So how can you make sure to always have top quality products, while maintaining a reasonable price and affordable shipping? 

Easy said! Your answer is Yakkyofy!

Yakkyofy can help store owners to source their items in just a few clients and automate the entire management of their WooCommerce Dropshipping store. 

Yakkyofy’s plugin can source for you products to sell directly from some of the best factories in China, and import them to your WordPress store in just a handful of clicks. It can even process your orders automatically! 

But it does not end here, because you can enjoy Yakkyofy’s software for free, as you will have: 

  • No Monthly Fee
  • Free Unlimited order fulfillment
  • Free product sourcing
  • Free multiple store management

No storage fee


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