Absen launches new product MicroLED KLCOB series

Christian Czimny, Product Director at Absen

MicroLED is the technology that will push LED displays into the future. Smaller and more robust than traditional LEDs, MicroLED brings exponential progress and improvement to the LED display field. A leader in innovation and respected for its extensive R&D efforts, Absen has been actively developing IMD and COB technologies since 2016 and recently launched the new MicroLED KLCOB series to the global market.

Christian Czimny, Product Director at Absen, has extensive knowledge of the LED market and how products relate to customer needs, having worked in the professional AV industry for over 25 years. Christian, who has helped drive Absen’s strategic growth for the past four years, talks about Absen’s MicroLED technology and Absen’s strategy for developing the future of displays.

Why is MicroLED technology important for the market ? 

Christian explains why MicroLED technology is so important: “MicroLED technology opens up the possibility of mass production of LED products with a smaller pixel pitch, where smaller screen sizes – adapted to higher resolutions – will follow the needs of 4K and 8K resolutions . For this reason, the market for MicroLED technology is large, and in addition to LED displays and screens for business applications, MicroLED will also enter the consumer market.”

Absen opened its first factory building and COB/MicroLED production lines in 2016 at the Absen Intelligent Manufacturing Center in Huaizhou. Absen’s commitment to research and development has advanced the development of new technology, but Christian points out: “Timing is key, and while it would be great to be one of the very first adopters of a new technology, factors such as the need further development of production capacities, they calm our approach.”

While Christian admits that one of the challenges still facing manufacturing is mass transfer, which – in his words – “as always focuses on keeping the LED failure rate as low as possible”, he highlights COB (Chip on Board). “Now the entire printed circuit board equipped with a chip can be encapsulated, or ‘sealed’.”

Of course, Absen has made great strides in MicroLED and has launched a range of MicroLED products for the entertainment industry. Absen’s MicroLED KLCOB range is available worldwide through Absen’s extensive network of value-added partners.

MicroLED brings significant progress to the field of LED displays 

What exactly is MicroLED technology and what are its benefits? Christian explains: “MicroLED is built on FlipChip technology, which can change the electrical wiring of red, green and blue colors within a single LED.” 

Christian further clarifies that technological advances have made it possible to eliminate the wiring inside the LED chip, reducing power consumption while maintaining the same brightness. “In addition,” he adds, “rotating the top of the internal components 180 degrees resulted in a more stable and direct board connection, allowing for even higher brightness than was possible with existing screen technology.”

It is characteristic of Absen that it did not stop there and continued to focus on image quality. The result of this effort was an increased contrast ratio and a matte black surface treatment of the Absen display called Black Coating Technology.

Christian states: “This technology gives us even deeper blacks and a higher contrast ratio, while achieving richer but very natural colors, which is the core element of HDR. However, the matte finish offers much more, including an impressive image that is not affected by ambient light.”

Absen’s investment in research and development ensures further advanced product capabilities 

In addition to high image quality and a more sustainable product that uses lower energy consumption, Absen’s MicroLED technology boasts other beneficial properties, including Absen’s surface protection – which guarantees an LED product that can be cleaned without fear of damage and that is open to a wider range of installation options than was previously conceivable with LED technology.

Christian assures, “Absen’s top MicroLED display surface protection is very high on the list of strengths, offering resistance to moisture, dust, anti-static, anti-oxidation and impact damage protection.”

Thanks to continued investment in research and development, Absen finds itself in an enviable position. “As you can imagine,” declares Christian, “the improvements and benefits we’ve talked about are a very attractive proposition, and many companies in the market – and in our industry – would love to jump on that bandwagon.”

However, with disarming modesty, Christian affirms his commitment to continue working hard on the exciting future that lies ahead: “At Absen’s MicroLED factory, together with our research and development team, we will constantly work on new technologies and improvements to achieve our goals. Absen is a well-established and highly regarded manufacturer of LED displays. We see new markets ahead of us and a bright, colorful and healthy future awaits us.”


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