Adani unveils hydrogen trucks for mining arena in Asia

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Adani Enterprises Limited (AEL), part of Adani’s diversified portfolio of companies, today signed an agreement with Ashok Leyland (India) and Ballard Power (Canada) to unveil a pilot project for the development of hydrogen fuel-cell electric trucks for logistics and transport operations in the mining industry. 

Industry sources added that this collaboration will mark as Asia’s first planned hydrogen-powered mining truck. The demonstration project will be led by AEL, a company specializing in both mining and green hydrogen project development to find, transport and build infrastructure for hydrogen filling stations.

Ballard, an industry’s leading manufacturer of POM-equipped fuel cell engines, will supply FCmove fuel cell engines for the hydrogen truck ; and Ashok Leyland, one of the largest bus manufacturing companies in the world, will provide the vehicle platform and technical support. The release of the hydrogen fuel cell electric truck model in India is scheduled for 2023.

Earlier, Adani Group representatives announced plans to invest more than $50 billion in green hydrogen and related ecosystems over the next ten years, which corresponds to up to 3 million tons of green hydrogen per year.

Vinay Prakash, Director of Adani Enterprises Limited and CEO of Adani Natural Resources

Director of Adani Enterprises Limited and CEO of Adani Natural Resources  Vinay Prakash stated: “This innovative and ambitious green hydrogen project holds great promise for India’s future energy self-sufficiency and is in line with the vision of Adani Group Chairman Gautam Adani to accelerate the transition to hydrogen fuel cell technologies in the commercial transportation system. This experience with hydrogen as fuel for commercial fleets not only predates hydrogen technology for the country’s mining and logistics sectors, but will also allow other businesses to choose long-term environmentally friendly systems and transition transport in ports, airports and their industrial operations.”

Industry sources added that the hydrogen-powered mining truck will weigh 55 tonnes, have three hydrogen tanks, a 200 km operating range and run on Ballard POM fuel cell technology with a power output of 120 kW.

Ballard Power Systems CEO Randy MacEwen

“Following our Memorandum of Understanding with the Adani Group signed last year, we are looking forward to building on our partnership and welcome the opportunity to partner with cutting-edge companies like Adani,” said Ballard Power Systems CEO Randy MacEwen . “Our technology is a value proposition for their heavy-duty, zero-emission mining truck, providing long range, fast refueling, and high payload capabilities.”

Dr. N. Saravanan, CTO of Ashok Leyland

“Ashok Leyland is delighted to be partnering with Adani and Ballard to bring commercial fuel cell vehicles to India’s mining and logistics sectors,” stated Dr. N. Saravanan, CTO of Ashok Leyland . “With our track record of developing unique and novel products, Ballard’s technological expertise in fuel cells and Adani’s unwavering commitment to hydrogen, India has ample opportunity to decarbonise both freight and passenger travel.”


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