Allego partners with ARCOS A355 motorway subsidiary of VINCI autoroutes

Allego Holding B.V. (Allego), a pan-European electric vehicle charging network that recently announced a business combination with Spartan Acquisition Corp. III (Spartan), on Friday, announced that it has entered into a strategic partnership with ARCOS, a subsidiary of VINCI Autoroutes, to build a charging site along the A355 motorway in France.

The A355 Motorway is highly trafficked, with, on average, more than 28,000 individual vehicles using the road each day. Allego expects to continue to build additional sites along the highway in the coming years.

Allego’s new charging site will be located at the Aire de la Bruche service area on the A355 motorway, at Strasbourg Metropole’s east-west bypass. The project will install a total of 5 chargers including FC 50 kW (fast) chargers with two CCS, CHAdeMo, and Type 2 sockets, and HPC 150-300 kW (ultra-fast) chargers full CCS sockets. The Aire de la Bruche charging site is expected to be operational in January 2022, and will also offer a restaurant and other facilities.

“We are pleased to expand our charging footprint alongside this well-trafficked motorway,” said Mathieu Bonnet, CEO of Allego. “As the market for electric vehicles continues to rapidly grow, vehicle owners require proportional scaling of charging equipment, and we are very pleased to partner with ARCOS to expand charging infrastructure in France. We look forward to continuing to advance e-mobility across all of Europe.”



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