The Better Bet: Edtech or Cybersecurity

edtech or cybersecurity

Several market reports suggest that the global edtech market will grow from USD 133 billion in 2023 to USD 433.17 billion by 2030. The edtech market is currently plagued by a combination of factors including plunging valuations, concerns about profit and revenue among the investors, lack of funding, reopening of the schools and colleges in […]

Enabling safe electrical infrastructure in affordable housing through high quality products

Electrical utility is one of the vital infrastructures of society with almost every single aspect of modern life depending heavily on the supply and management of power. Electricity consumption is directly linked with economic development and modern lifestyle. Safer electrical infrastructure has been a topic on the decision and policy maker’s table for long. While […]

IoT and Road Safety: How Technology is Making Our Roads Safer

IoT and Road Safety: How Technology is Making Our Roads Safer

As cities grow and traffic increases, road safety has become a pressing concern for drivers and government agencies alike. Fortunately, the emergence of IoT technologies has opened up new possibilities for improving safety on our roads. These technologies are making roads safer by providing real-time information and data insights to drivers and traffic managers, ensuring […]

Startup Boom in Africa

The startup landscape of Africa has flourished massively in recent years. With a young and rapidly growing population, combined with advances in technology and mobile connectivity, the continent has become an attractive destination for entrepreneurs and investors alike. In this blog post, we will explore the current trends and happenings in the startup sector in […]

How Artificial Intelligence is changing Real Estate

Artificial intelligence, machine learning, and cloud computing have changed the very course of operations in industries across the globe. The real estate industry has also borne the brunt of the changes, although in a positive way. Artificial intelligence, as per real estate experts, can give the best assistance to not only developers, but also investors […]

Challenges Start-Ups Face in Raising Funds for Survival And Success

A few centuries ago, very few people longed to start a new business. In many parts of the globe, the business community was tightly knit and was run only by families. Cut to the present: since the start of the internet and digital boom, a large number of educated and talented professionals are interested in […]

Webasto to present new gen battery systems for CVs

In Fulda, where the RETTmobil International trade fair is being conducted, Webasto will present the successor to its popular drive battery system for commercial vehicles: The CV NextGen Battery builds on the benefits of the first-generation 35 kilowatt-hour battery by delivering up to 40 percent more energy while maintaining the same product dimensions. Enhanced safety features are […]