Beasy & Eclypses partners for improvising MTE web technology

Eclypses has partnered with Beasy to change how people view the security standards in the crypto market. With the number of cyberattacks on the blockchain steadily increasing, Beasy recognized the need for the latest security technology to protect their customers’ data and finances, which led them to implement Eclypses’ award-winning MTE Web technology into their BEASY platform. BEASY is a platform-agnostic technology solution that allows anyone to develop, mint, sell and manage non-fungible tokens (NFTs) directly from their website, Shopify or across popular marketplaces.

By implementing Eclypses MTE technology, a FIPS 140-3 validated technology, the BEASY platform offers its customers the highest level of security on the crypto market today. As independently awarded by FTF News and CyberNews, Eclypses’ MTE data protection technology effectively and consistently safeguards user data to ensure bad actors cannot access valuable information at any point during the data transmission process. MTE secures data at the application level, and provides endpoint verification, jailbreak or root protection, and zero trust with full knowledge.

Bob Kramich, Beasy’s Chief Executive Officer states, “Here at Beasy, being a pioneer in the crypto NFT market in terms of technology and security is extremely important to us. With so many crypto hacks occurring in just the past year, we knew that we needed to find new ways to ensure that our customers are prepared for these cyber threats. We are excited to work together with Eclypses to utilize their FIPS 140-3 and award-winning MTE technology and provide our customers with the highest level of security on the market.”

The Beasy and Eclypses partnership has been formed to help bridge the way organizations in the NFT and crypto market secure their data. MTE is a disruptive technology, revolutionary in both speed and accessibility, that gives clients access to the highest level of security available today, safeguarding even the most vulnerable data from bad actors.

“Protecting sensitive data from cyberattacks has always been our top priority” states Bryan Champagne, Chief Executive Officer of Eclypses, “We are thrilled to be working together with the team at Beasy to leverage our MTE technology and redefine data security to keep sensitive blockchain transactions protected from the ever-growing number of cyber threats.”

By working with Eclypses, Beasy will be able to provide their clients with the security and stability needed to develop, mint, sell and manage NFTs directly through their web platforms. Together, Eclypses and Beasy lead the way in crypto security.



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