launches ThematiX in the Middle East, the multi-licensed broker operated by Key Way Markets Ltd, has launched ThematiX, their latest addition to the “X” branded line of products in the Middle East. Regulated by the Abu Dhabi Global Market Financial Services Regulatory Authority, ThematiX affirms to empower clients to trade popular companies grouped in pre-built stock categories based on specific industries and trends such as Social Media, Energy, Crypto, or Electric Vehicles.

This latest product states to allows users to trade multiple stocks of the world’s largest companies from different industries, market movements, or popular topics of interest by opening a single position. ThematiX tracks and monitors the performance of the shares they’re interested in since the product will enable them to check the exact weight and importance of every company stock included under each segment.  The product will be available on the online trading platform WebTrader. 

“We are excited to introduce the third addition to our “X” branded series ThematiX, for our clients in the Middle East to skilfully expand their portfolio. In the recent past, we have witnessed an enormous impact that trends and social media have had on trading volumes by retail traders, and our latest product, ThematiX, is designed to group the hottest topics of interest for ease of access. Some of the highest valued stocks in the world are a part of the product, allowing our clients to expand their trading horizons. Through ThematiX, users can trade on the latest market stories, discover new investing ideas, make predictions, and trade shares,” said Madalina Rotaru, Chief Executive Officer of Key Way Markets Ltd, the company operating under its ADGM FSRA regulation.

ThematiX aims to change the global perception about online trading and transform complex products and markets into more accessible tools and resources for retail investors. This is in addition to the previously launched products, StoX the proprietary 0 commission, unleveraged stock trading service, and QuantX an innovative portfolio builder designed to create fully customized investment portfolios in a matter of minutes, adhering to the client’s set-up parameters. blends technology with a customer-centred, education-oriented approach to creating a one-of-a-kind trading experience. As the multi-award-winning Fintech company grows and expands its global presence, it continues to develop as a complete fintech platform a one-stop-shop trading solution with tailor-made services for clients and partners.



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