Capsa Healthcare acquires Humanscale Healthcare to improve healthcare delivery and testing solutions


Capsa Healthcare recently had announced acquiring Humanscale Healthcare. Capsa Healthcare is a leading innovator of healthcare delivery solutions for hospitals, long-term care, and retail pharmacy providers and Humanscale Healthcare is a New York-based designer and manufacturer of flexible technology solutions and computing workstations.

This acquisition of Humanscale Healthcare makes it Capsa’s seventh major brand acquisition in the past 11 years and the firm claims that it has over 50 years of product innovation experience, Capsa has accomplished a steady growth through in-house development combined with the acquisition of complementary product brands and technology platforms. Humanscale Healthcare has built its reputation on the manufacture and global distribution of ergonomically designed mobile computing and wall-mounted workstations designed to simplify clinical workflow and data management. 

Following the transaction, Capsa offers the broadest product portfolio on the market and enhances its ability to provide ergonomic point-of-care computing solutions to healthcare partners around the world. Capsa Healthcare has a broad portfolio of mobile computing workstations, wall-mounted solutions, and medication management technologies that help enhance clinical care and improve patient outcomes. Capsa’s product lineup includes point-of-care testing workstations with and without external power supplies (such as the versatile Trio, M38e, CareLink, and SlimCart computing workstations).

Additionally, the firm added that Humanscale Healthcare’s products like the TouchPoint mobile testing cart, MedLink medication management, and ViewPoint wall-mounted workstations complete Capsa’s benchmark product line of point-of-care testing solutions.

Avi Zisman, CEO of Capsa, said: ” Capsa has always regarded Humanscale Healthcare as a unique market innovator and a leading provider of product design and point-of-care testing. By adding Humanscale Healthcare to Capsa’s portfolio of brands, we are able to provide our customers with a comprehensive solution that truly improves the state of healthcare delivery and further positions Capsa as the world’s premier provider of point-of-care testing solutions.”

Heather Fennimore, President of Humanscale Healthcare stated: “We are delighted that Capsa recognizes the strength of the Humanscale brand, products, and people. Humanscale has an impressive point-of-care testing business that will continue to be a driving force for innovation at Capsa.”

Craig Rydingsward, Capsa’s vice president of acute care sales stated: “It is clear that Capsa’s existing line of point-of-care testing is synergistic with Humanscale Healthcare’s. Together, we are raising the bar for the industry to meet today’s healthcare IT challenges and provide care Staffing a reliable solution with a focus on user ergonomics, streamlining workflows, and enhancing medication management processes, the two solutions together will deliver tangible benefits to clinicians, healthcare IT professionals, and ultimately the patient population.”



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