Cavli Wireless launches its flagship 5G RedCap at CES 2024

Cavli Wireless Announces the 5G RedCap CQM220 Cellular IoT Module at CES 2024
Cavli Wireless Announces the 5G RedCap CQM220 Cellular IoT Module at CES 2024

Cavli Wireless, a pioneer in the IoT solutions landscape, announced its flagship 5G RedCap CQM220 Cellular IoT Module at CES 2024, in Las Vegas, USA. The event, held at the Las Vegas Convention and World Trade Center (LVCC), Las Vegas, from January 9 to 12, stands as one of the largest proving ground for breakthrough technologies and global innovators. CES represents the premier stage for global innovators like Cavli Wireless to showcase the innovative CQM220 to the world.

The CQM220 is the flagship 5G RedCap cellular IoT module from Cavli Wireless, compatible with 3GPP release 17 standards, specifically designed for advanced IoT and M2M applications. It delivers robust data bandwidth, reaching up to 226Mbps in downlink and 121Mbps in uplink, facilitating rapid and efficient data transfer. Available in LGA, PCIe Gen2, and M.2 form factors, the CQM220 ensures broad compatibility and flexibility across various industrial applications. Its optional integrated eSIM offers global connectivity through the Cavli Hubble Device and Connectivity management platform, making it a versatile solution for international deployment.

Moreover, the CQM220’s optional integrated GNSS feature positions it as an ideal candidate for precise tracking applications, essential in sectors like Asset Tracking and Vehicular Telemetry Systems. Accompanied by a Linux-based OpenSDK, the module allows for application-specific coding directly on the device, eliminating the need for an external host MCU. This capability, combined with its high data throughput and global operability, makes the CQM220 an optimal choice for next-generation applications that demand speed, accuracy, and worldwide functionality.

The CQM220 module is set to supercharge a range of industries with its advanced connectivity. In Industry 4.0, the module’s high data throughput, and integrated GNSS make it a linchpin for smart factories, facilitating real-time monitoring and control of machinery, and predictive maintenance, thereby enhancing efficiency and reducing downtime. For Smart City initiatives, the CQM220’s global connectivity and robust bandwidth support the deployment of smart grids, intelligent transportation systems, and public safety networks, contributing to more efficient and responsive urban environments. In asset tracking, the precision of the integrated GNSS and the module’s widespread connectivity ensure accurate, real-time location tracking of goods and equipment across borders, which is crucial for logistics, fleet management, and theft prevention. Across these applications, the CQM220 empowers industries to harness the full potential of seamless global connectivity, driving innovation and operational excellence.

The Hubble Stack Intelligence further enhances the capabilities of the CQM220 by introducing remote diagnosis, monitoring, and debugging of the module through Hubble Lens, an advanced component of the Cavli Hubble IoT platform. This feature eliminates the necessity for physical intervention, simplifying the expansion of IoT solutions. Through strategic alliances with operators worldwide, Cavli has established a substantial presence, delivering unparalleled connectivity solutions that set new standards in service quality and cost-effectiveness.

John Mathew, CEO & Chief Technology Architect of Cavli Wireless, commented, “The introduction of the CQM220 at CES 2024 represents a significant milestone for Cavli Wireless. Our relentless pursuit of excellence and innovation in smart cellular connectivity has led to the development of this robust 5G RedCap module, tailored to meet the diverse requirements of modern industries. Its strengths lie in its reliability, efficiency, and seamless global connectivity. These qualities are the foundational pillars of the CQM220 and distinguish both the product and Cavli Wireless in a competitive market.”

As we announce the CQM220 at CES 2024, Cavli Wireless reaffirms its commitment to delivering affordable, seamless, and high-performance cellular IoT solutions. We invite you to connect with our solution experts to discover how the CQM220 can be integrated into your next project. Begin your journey toward reliable and efficient connectivity with Cavli.


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