CES 2022: Asensing Technology expands its products portfolio


Guangzhou Asensing Technology Co., Ltd. (“Asensing Technology”), a  technology for intelligent transportation, has wrapped up a highly successful debut appearance at CES 2022, where it showcased its latest high-precision integrated positioning technology and product portfolio on the global stage. Building on the momentum of CES, Asensing Technology has announced plans to accelerate its global footprint and launch a series of new products.

Asensing Technology’s new products can support PPP-RTK (Precise Point Positioning-Real Time Kinematic) to deliver extremely accurate positioning and be integrated with a number of information sources, such as a camera and LiDAR sensor. Moreover, new products are designed to meet risk classification requirements for the ISO 26262’s Automotive Safety Integration Level-D (ASIL-D). ASIL-D is the highest level of safety assurance against automotive hazards and is applied only to the most complex of system designs. Moving forward, Asensing Technology will mass-produce products that support PPP-RTK for international models released by global OEMs.

As a high-precision positioning technology solutions provider focused on autonomous driving, Asensing Technology holds both the capabilities and experience to conduct independent R&D across the entire industry chain to promote and accelerate the advancement of the autonomous driving industry. The company has been committed to the development of automotive-grade and industry-leading positioning technology for years and has successfully launched a range of high-precision positioning products that meet the strict reliability and quality requirements and availability standards of the automotive industry.

Asensing Technology’s high-precision positioning system supports the realization of Highway Pilot functions, such as NGP; Automated Valet Parking; and more. Using its system, autonomous driving vehicles are able to achieve outstanding performance and independently change lanes at high speeds with great accuracy, enter and exit ramps, and complete other maneuvers that require extreme precision.

Asensing Technology has continued to conduct R&D into next-generation functional safety high-precision positioning technology, improve its product design capability, and enhance production capacity. As it enters the next stage of growth, Asensing Technology plans to continue conducting in-depth R&D into new high-precision integrated positioning technologies and related products. In doing so, the provider will empower drivers around the world to enjoy the safety and convenience of high-precision positioning technologies anytime, anywhere.



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