DBS Refunds Customers

Photo by Museums Victoria on Unsplash

DBS on Saturday said that all duplicate card transactions – which were reported by customers on Friday – have been successfully refunded.

In a Facebook post – with the latest update as at 10.45am – Singapore’s largest bank said any fees or charges as a result of this incident will be waived. 

“Our systems are safe, secure and uncompromised. We apologise for any undue anxiety and regret the inconvenience caused.”

Some DBS customers reported from Friday morning double charges on transactions made using their credit and debit cards due to a payment processing glitch. The lender’s online banking services were also down for the day amid heavy traffic.

These customers had most likely deposited cash at an ATM, received a peer-to-peer transfer, or are simply merchants who got paid for their goods. And based on anecdotes, some customers indeed had the same amount of money credited into their accounts twice To be clear, each transaction has to go through an authorization and approval process before the actual turnaround can be executed.


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