Digital Disruption – What Is It?

Digital disruption isn’t anything new and already changing businesses around the planet. It gives people access to digital tools, allowing them to bring many more ideas to the market. But what makes digital disrupters so successful? They make customer experience better, faster, and cheaper! But even more important than the rate at which technology is developing is realizing the speed at which human consumer behavior and expectations are changing. And what’s driving them?  Technology. With its increasing number of digital possibilities, people’s expectations are changing, both constantly and fundamentally. Disruptive technology alters the services, products, or business models in specific markets as we know them today.

An Example of Digital Disruption: Music Industry

Digital disruption changed the music industry tremendously. The way how people consume music nowadays is completely different than it used to be. When the first record store opened in 1894,  people went and bought a record for around $ 30,00. Nowadays, people don’t just buy one record; they consume unlimited music streams whenever they wish to. For about $ 5,00 a month, we download and listen to any music we want to by using service providers like Spotify. These disruptive changes don’t just apply to music, but also movies, series, and many more.

An Example of Digital Disruption: Photography Industry

The American company Kodak is a good example of a company that had to find out about digital disruption the hard way. The company was once a global market leader in the field of photography, producing cameras and related products. Kodak played a leading role in analog photography. However, at the end of 1990, the breakthrough in the form of digital cameras had a lasting impact on the photography industry. Kodak did not respond–or at least not fast enough–to these changes. Ultimately, more innovative companies in the photography industry replaced Kodak. 

Disruption Brings Opportunity

Are you ready to take your business to the next level? If so, start asking yourself the following question: How can we serve our customers better, faster, and cheaper? Digital disrupters are extremely customer-oriented, offering far more value to their customers at little cost. Free or nearly free digital tools, digital platforms, and digital consumers enable this. By combining these three ingredients, you will be also able to unleash a disruptive force. Digital disrupters ally with the customer and help them find solutions quickly. To achieve that, we recommend using communication tools for your business. Therefore, we compiled a list of our best business communication tools for 2020.  The key is to know what your customers want before they know it themselves.  


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