Companies are increasingly using eSignatures for document signing with their customers. As an important part of business workflows, strategic business decision-making is being incorporated into the digital processes for driving revenue and expansion. During a customer journey the eyeson API video conferencing service can guarantee a face-to-face guided workflow.

eyeson video conferencing brings value with a face-to-face customer interaction

A sense of trust and connection between the parties involved is essential for decision-making. Adding live video to business workflows to accompany the discussions and information flow creates a more natural environment where participants can see reactions and sense the mood of the interlocutor.

The eyeson integration allows companies to add live video during a business workflow with regards to conformity to local and regional regulations and to the company’s compliance policy. Decisions can be agreed upon – including protocols, contracts and signing during a video meeting. Eyeson supports this process with a patented technology, whereas binding agreements can be negotiated in videoconferences.

Talking to clients is the moment contracts are signed

“Know-Your-Customer processes are a standard for different sectors such as financial and legal services or health-care, therefore, using face-to-face integrated video is a must have. Signing contracts during a live video session will be part of the new digital collaboration workspace.”, says Andreas Kröpfl, eyeson’s CEO.

Once integrated in a specific interface, the eyeson API enables ID card recognition to validate clients during live video calls, through various add-ons. Following in the business process, an eSignature module incorporated in the workflow allows customers to sign documents remotely during video meetings.

Make legally binding resolutions in secure live video meetings

eyeson creates an excellent environment for legally binding decisions in secure video meeting rooms with authenticated participants. With the API service developers can integrate all security requirements for online video meetings such as secure authentication, secure servers. Based on the API, the customer can create a protocol of the meeting that might as well be signed upon agreement. With the digitally signed protocol, participants can negotiate binding contracts in video conferences or decide on budget allocations.

An eyeson integration can enable further services like secure voting in a survey tool and secure documentation in the blockchain. eyeson guarantees the traceability of the whole process enabling continuous recording and documentation of the process including snapshots of specific decision moments or contracts and presentations.

eyeson is a leader in cloud-based video conferencing with managed multipoint video processing technology at a scale. Based on its patented single stream technology, eyeson provides API video services to easily integrate video collaboration in business workflows for full customer engagement. eyeson is managing the cloud capacity, scalable video coding performance and data management for the customer. Based on WebRTC technology, eyeson provides browser-based video meeting integrations on all desktop and mobile devices. eyeson offers B2B focused products used by Forbes 500 companies and named by Gartner as “cool vendor in unified communications.”


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