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BigBoss is a CFD broker that provides a world-class trading environment and has received high acclaim from various sectors.

What is CFD?

Contract for Difference (CFD) is an innovative financial tool used by many traders. CFD trading generates profits or losses based on the price difference between the time of opening and closing a position. The assets involved in CFD trading typically include foreign exchange (FX), stock indices, stocks, and commodities. It allows traders to speculate on the price movement of various currencies without owning the underlying asset. Traders can hold positions in the securities they wish to invest in, and if the price moves favorably, they gain profits; if it moves unfavorably, they incur losses. Additionally, CFDs can be traded on margin, meaning traders can trade with a smaller amount of capital.

About BigBoss 

What is BigBoss?

BigBoss, established in 2013, is a growing CFD broker that plays a significant role in the industry. It has been steadily increasing its user base year by year. BigBoss is particularly renowned for:

Various Financial Products:

BigBoss offers over 80 types of instruments, sourcing rates directly from the interbank market. Their offerings include CFDs on indices like the Nikkei 225, Dow Jones, gold, crude oil, and cryptocurrencies, among others. They have contracts with numerous liquidity providers to offer a wide range of financial products. Their cryptocurrency trading platform, CRYPTOS, operates 24/7 and provides a simple yet functional trading experience.


BigBoss utilizes Equinix and AWS for high-speed and high-capacity communications, ensuring high execution capabilities. With a business centered around a group company in Canada and financial licenses acquired in Georgia, it has gained significant trust globally. In 2023, it was awarded the “Best CFD Broker” in three different categories in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, reflecting its high reliability and transparency.

In February 2021, mixed martial artist Bob Sapp was appointed as the official global ambassador for BigBoss. The involvement of a well-known personality like Bob Sapp signifies the broker’s reliability and commitment to expanding into the global market, leveraging his powerful and robust image.

Multi-Language Customer Support Team:

BigBoss’s support staff are multilingual, catering to English, Japanes, and Chinese speaking clients. They provide email support and real-time chat to instantly resolve customer issues. The support is comprehensive, catering from beginners to professional fund managers.

Finally, with BigBoss, you have the potential to maximize your profits efficiently through trading with up to 1,111 leverage, although it’s worth noting that leverage may be restricted for certain FX currencies and CFD products. With a quick account setup process, your application can be completed in as little as 3 minutes, making BigBoss an excellent choice to start your CFD trading journey.

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