Eureka AI Partners with CKDelta to Deliver Market Intelligence at Scale.

Eureka, an enterprise software company focused on applying AI to large scale data sets, is partnering with CKDelta, a member of CK Hutchison Holdings, to provide companies with intelligence on what is happening in the digital market. Increasing digitization is creating large scale data sets which are difficult for companies to manage and extract value from in a privacy-compliant way. Eureka’s DS2 AI / ML platform processes large scale data sets to be used for its’ suite of intelligence products to deliver value to customers. Eureka’s Omni market intelligence platform creates the largest continuous market research panel in a country.  

“Given the acceleration of digital adoption, companies are looking to understand what is happening in the market, and how they can serve their customers better,” remarked Benjamin Soemartopo, CEO of Eureka.  “CKDelta has created a best in class team to work across the CK Hutchinson group to enable the adoption of solutions, and through our partnership, we’ll be able to help unlock value from this large dataset in an entirely privacy-compliant manner and bring these products to market.”

“We’re thrilled to bring together two world-class teams of data scientists and industry experts,” said Geoff McGrath, Managing Director of CKDelta. “Our combined, innovative approach will deliver a trusted and privacy compliant platform and intelligence at scale for our enterprise clients to serve their customers and maximize ROI.”

Eureka and CKDelta’s data science teams will join Eureka’s DS2 platform with CKDelta’s data solutions and privacy-compliant data activation. Eureka and CKDelta plan to extend their cooperation across the 3 Group and its affiliates, which serve around 100 million customers in 12 markets worldwide, along with companies across the broader CK Hutchinson Group.



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