Since the beginning of 2020, we are experiencing a mass deployment of video conferencing solutions both for leisure and business purposes. The current situation due to the pandemic accelerated the proces of digitization and gave most employees and organisations a taste of the benefits as well as the challenges of working remotely. eyeson’s technology is constantly developing to fullfil the emerging needs of the users.

2019 – Patent on “Binding Agreements in a Video Meeting”

With the digitally signed protocol, binding agreements can be negotiated in videoconferences, inventories can be defined, next steps can be defined or budgets can be awarded. Advantageously, all participants involved in the registration in the videoconferencing system have given permission in advance that they can be integrated into the digital signature process. By this permission also the mobile number is stored so that the signature confirmation code can be transmitted in the signature process by SMS to the mobile phone of the participant concerned. (more)

More patents on core technology

In 2011 eyeson was granted the first patent with the name: ‘Method and device for audio and video-based real-time communication’ and in 2013 the second patent as a video conference system in Germany.

Since 2012 there is a pending patent application for eyeson’s method of transmitting information.
In 2017, eyeson’s technology was patented as a method for transmitting information. The same year eyeson filed an application for a patent in Germany and the US for a method for adapting a data stream to be transmitted to a resource utilization.

In 2019 a US patent was granted to eyeson as a method for adjusting a data stream being transmitted to a resource load. This patent is protecting eyeson’s unique Single Stream Technology (SST). This technology is an upgrade to the already quite sophisticated MCU (Multipoint Control Unit) technology.

Our Story

Andreas Kroepfl, Michael Wolfgang, Peter Mayer, and Florian Limberger founded eyeson in 2010. eyeson’s mission is to provide web-based video conferencing that fully integrates into the everyday life of businesses. Three years later, the Single Stream Technology was patented in Austria. In 2019, five years after receiving the Austrian patent, eyeson received the patent in the US as well.

eyeson is built on the single-stream technology to support all video participants’ HD video quality independent of the number of participants. The innovative technology is patented in Austria, Germany, and the US. As we know, the video communication market is quite intense and competitive. Protecting our unique technology is very important and that is why we have until now seven patents for eyeson’s technology. eyeson is a leader in cloud based video conferencing with managed multipoint video processing technology at a scale. Based on its patented single stream technology, eyeson provides API video services to easily integrate video collaboration in business workflows for full customer engagement. eyeson is managing the cloud capacity, scalable video coding performance and data management for the customer. Based on WebRTC technology, eyeson provides browser-based video meeting integrations on all desktop and mobile devices. eyeson offers B2B focused products used by Forbes 500 companies and named by Gartner as “cool vendor in unified communications.


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