Fusion92 partners Experian to improve audience development

Fusion92 and Experian Collaborate to Enhance Audience Development
Fusion92 and Experian Collaborate to Enhance Audience Development

Fusion92, a marketing transformation company, announced a strategic collaboration with Experian, a global data and technology company. As part of this effort, Fusion92 will integrate Experian’s marketing data and identity capabilities with Fusion92’s advanced capabilities to create complete and reliable audience profiles that enable brands to target, activate and measure their marketing efforts more effectively. As a result, Fusion92 will drive faster growth and deliver superior results for its customers.

“One of the latest assets we’ve ingested and feel very excited about is Experian’s identity graph, which paints a more comprehensive picture of our audiences by integrating fragmented data from various sources,” said Dave Nugent, executive vice president of Data & Analytics at Fusion92. “Fusion92’s unique Experian Marketing Data installation, when paired with our end-to-end marketing transformation expertise, yields innovative applications of data that are an absolute game changer for brands. Our ability to integrate and activate media with this uniquely reframed data, including personalized media assets to audiences based on a multitude of attributes, allows Fusion92 to provide quick-to-market, powerful audience solutions for our clients, no matter the industry they’re in.”


Through Fusion92’s collaboration with Experian, the company can easily connect traditional audiences to a wide range of digital identifiers for better segmentation and digital activation. This integration helps Fusion92 support marketing campaigns more effectively by optimizing target selection, media mix and creative strategies. As a result, marketers can connect with their audiences more accurately and measure campaign performance reliably.

“Fusion92’s ability to use Experian’s marketing data will deliver unparalleled insights and results for their clients, optimizing audience targeting, activation and measurement,” said Jeremy Hlavacek, chief commercial officer of Experian’s Marketing Services. “Through our strategic collaboration, Fusion92 enhances data-driven advertising through connectivity, showcasing how Experian’s marketing data and identity empower them to create innovative and highly effective marketing solutions. Together, we are helping brands reach their audiences more accurately and efficiently than ever.”

Fusion92 has steadily expanded its data and analytics capabilities over the past year, growing to a team of 20 data scientists and analysts and acquiring TRAK Data in November 2023 to bolster advanced artificial intelligence modeling capabilities. TRAK Data will soon be rebranded as DIOS (pronounced “dai-ose”), launching exclusively with Experian Marketing Data. By harnessing the power of data, Fusion92 continues to expand its suite of capabilities with innovative products such as NoMi, which provides audience targeting and drives conversion rates, and ShopLocal, a proprietary digital circular platform that enhances retail and commerce localization. This collaboration with Experian adds a powerful layer to Fusion92’s extensive suite of services, helping brands achieve real-world results.


Fusion92 and Experian Collaborate to Enhance Audience Development


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