Grupo Antolin reveals new headliners from organic waste

Grupo Antolin takes another step forward in its firm commitment to sustainability and defossilization of mobility. The company is actively working with the supply chain to become a business reference for environmental commitment, contributing to the fight against climate change and supporting the transition to a low-carbon economy, thanks to a range of products with added environmental value. On this occasion, it presents a substrate that includes a polyurethane foam obtained from mass-balance certified renewable feedstock (vegetal and crop residues among others). The headliner is laminated with a textile made from recycled polyester fibers with the aim of protecting natural resources and reducing dependence on fossil-based materials.

The headliner, which has been released in serial production for a new car model, has the same appearance and properties than a standard headliner, so the sustainability improvement happens without any reduction in mechanical or physical properties. This achievement has been made possible by a manufacturing process developed in collaboration with our key suppliers. This an example that cooperation is essential to move forward in sustainable mobility.

For the core PU foam, the supplier has developed a process by which the fossil-based raw materials have been replaced by renewable feedstock derived from organic waste or food industry residues at the very beginning of the value chain thus supporting climate protection. Finding a solution to recycle this sort of waste has a paramount positive impact.

The fabric laminated to the headliner substrate has been manufactured by Borgstena entirely with polyester yarns from recycled PET bottles and using electricity from renewable sources in the manufacturing process.

The reduction of the carbon footprint of the headliner is linked to the Grupo Antolin’s goal, shared by the entire value chain, of progressively reducing CO2 emissions from its own operations until total neutrality is achieved. Furthermore, the energy used by Grupo Antolin in the manufacturing process of the headliner substrate comes from 100% renewable sources.

Plastics Recycling Award Europe 2022

Antolin recently won the prestigious Plastics Recycling Award Europe 2022 for the first sustainable headliner made from mass-balanced materials where fossil feedstock was replaced by recycled feedstock coming from end-of-life tyres and PCR residues, underlining Grupo Antolin´s position as a benchmark in sustainable headliners.

A more sustainable use of resources and the incorporation of materials with lower environmental impact in the components promotes the circular economy as a key pillar of Antolin’s business model, accompanying vehicle manufacturers in achieving their sustainable objectives, joining forces to contribute to the fulfillment of the 2030 Agenda, linked to Sustainable Development Goals 9, 11, 12, 13, 14, and 17. Likewise, working with circular feedstock allows to offer a product that meets the most demanding standards defined by the automotive industry, capable of satisfying the demand for environmentally friendly vehicle interiors, a fact that is increasingly valued by the end consumer in their purchasing decision.


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