Intertrust announces partnership with GeoComply

Intertrust Partners with GeoComply for Advanced Geolocation-Enabled Content Protection
Intertrust Partners with GeoComply for Advanced Geolocation-Enabled Content Protection

Intertrust, the global leader in distributed computing and rights management, and GeoComply Solutions Inc. (“GeoComply”), a renowned provider of geolocation compliance technology and fraud protection, recently announced a partnership to provide a robust solution for content owners and streaming services to control where and how their digital content is delivered and consumed. The partnership will enhance digital content security, reduce revenue loss from piracy, and ensure compliance with licensing agreements that often include geographic restrictions.

Relied on by leading media streaming operators across the globe, Intertrust ExpressPlay® is the world’s most scalable multi-DRM service and supports the largest number of DRM formats. The integration of Intertrust ExpressPlay with GeoComply adds an additional layer of protection and services that enable the secure distribution of content and ensure authorized access. Specifically, the combined offering includes location-based access controls that can detect access to streaming services through VPNs that mask the location of the user.

“By integrating GeoComply’s expertise in location fraud detection with Intertrust’s ExpressPlay DRM service, we are offering customers an added layer of trust for content distribution and monetization,” said Ali Hodjat, Intertrust’s VP of Product Marketing. “This partnership further broadens our commitment to delivering state-of-the-art content security and anti-piracy solutions by empowering streaming services to prevent location fraud within the complex landscape of digital distribution.”

Intertrust Partners with GeoComply

GeoComply has engineered GeoGuard to be a critical component for content providers to protect their digital assets and honor regional content distribution agreements in real-time. It employs cutting-edge technologies to defend against geolocation spoofing, including support for advanced techniques such as the use of hi-jacked residential IPs. GeoGuard is used by leading streaming services around the world to protect over billions of users. With high accuracy and extremely low false positives GeoGuard ensures only fraudulent users are disrupted.

“Our partnership with Intertrust further cements our mission to redefine content protection and location security for the Media & Entertainment industry,” stated James Clark, GM Media & Entertainment at GeoComply. “Together, we will bring content providers unparalleled security and compliance solutions to manage their valuable digital assets and create a new standard for the industry.”


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