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The cybersecurity landscape is constantly evolving and unfortunately hackers and bad actors are innovating just as fast as anyone else in the tech world. As the complexity of attacks grows, it becomes harder for individuals to manage their own cybersecurity and manually keep on top of the possibilities for vulnerabilities to emerge. In this landscape, automated cybersecurity tools are invaluable for offering peace of mind.

We’ll take a look at some of the most valuable tools on the market that can keep your site covered. These tools will be monitoring your website’s traffic for bad actors, your website files for hidden vulnerabilities as well as monitoring any malware that may become embedded in your site. First, however, let’s take a look at why automation is so valuable in today’s digital world.

Why Automate?

Manual cybersecurity cannot compete with the efficiency of automated cybersecurity tools. This means that by employing automated tools you can save time and money on cybersecurity, letting you concentrate on the areas of your business that bring in the greatest return. Businesses of all sizes can benefit from automating their cybersecurity processes – even eCommerce boutiques can utilize automated site scanning and monitoring to protect customer details and credit card information. “Owners of WordPress sites can benefit especially from such tools since addons and plugins on WordPress sites often house unseen vulnerabilities. Website scanning tools can scour these applications to secure your site,” says Valery Nickson, a tech writer at Revieweal and Assignment Help.

Automated Removal Of Malware

Malware is a prevalent form of cybersecurity attack and manually removing malware can be incredibly time consuming. The labour hours for this mind-numbingly tedious process can cost your business a great deal. Automating the process of malware removal is effective and efficient. Automated tools can remove malware as soon as it’s detected, meaning that the malware is out of your system much quicker than it would be with a manual removal process. Further, in tedious manual tasks human error can sneak in and malware can often be overlooked. An automated tool never makes this mistake, meaning you’re safe and secure.

Traffic Monitoring Can Be Automated

“Attracting increased traffic to your website is an essential part of growing your business and leveraging traffic leads to a great increase in revenue. However, bad actors often send malicious traffic to your website. The more website traffic you’re generating, the more important it is to ensure that you’re monitoring this activity to prevent cybersecurity breaches from bots and hackers,” explains Daniel Silva, a cybersecurity expert at UKWritings and Essay Help. By automating the process of traffic monitoring – use a cloud-based web application firewall to do so – you’ll be protecting your site, allowing increased traffic to mean one thing: increased revenue.

Automated Site Scanning

Reviewing your website’s files for security vulnerabilities needs to take place regularly, otherwise you’re opening yourself up to an attack through the use of malware or other hacking. A developer may take days to review your site, and this process can only be performed every so often. An automated scanning tool can survey your site on a daily basis in just a few minutes, generating a report that enables you to be confident that your site is secure from even the most sophisticated hacks.

Stay On Top Of Cybersecurity

It must be remembered, however, that even automated tools need to be monitored and maintained to ensure that your cybersecurity needs are being met. Cybersecurity tools are just like any other digital tool, and for monitoring and scanning to remain effective these tools need to be patched and updated as the digital landscape changes. Bad actors are constantly innovating new ways to exploit sites and whilst automated tools are incredibly effective at catching malware and site vulnerabilities, they can only do so if they’re updated with the latest patches. Make sure you’re aware of how often your security specialists offer updates to their products, and don’t let your cybersecurity tools become out of date.

The Alternative: Managed Hosting

Hardening your own site can be challenging. The last thing that owners of small businesses that run their own company website or online store want to spend money, time, and effort on would be restoring a hacked site. Managed hosting providers take care of all issues that are related with the servers. Basically, you do not only pay for the hosting cost, but you also pay the hosting company to manage the server for you.

For example, eyeson provides a server just for your video meeting: if you enter a meeting room first, a virtual server is started especially for safe meetings. This server did not exist before and is terminated shortly after the last participant has left the meeting. Via the eyeson API, every business can implement this process into their workflow.

Wrapping Up

As hackers and bad actors are increasingly taking advantage of automated tools to search for vulnerabilities in sites and launch other forms of attack these attempted breaches become more common. Trying to battle a barrage of cybersecurity attacks manually is a doomed practice as eventually human error or simple volume will lead to an opening for hackers to take advantage of. Fight fire with fire by leveraging automated cybersecurity tools or keep your servers safe with managed hosting.


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