SESTEK signs an MoU with ccc to improve performance of call centers with AI

SESTEK and ccc sign MoU to improve performance of call centers with AI
SESTEK and ccc sign MoU to improve performance of call centers with AI

SESTEK, a leading conversational automation company specialising in AI-powered solutions for customer service, and ccc, a prominent Business Processing Outsourcing (BPO) industry leader, have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to collaborate on developing speech analytics, voice recognition, and voice AI. The strategic partnership is set to drive growth and strengthen the partners’ market leadership, creating new opportunities within the public and services sectors.

ccc CEO, Eng. Mansour Al Dalaan
ccc CEO, Eng. Mansour Al Dalaan

Saudi-based ccc, offers tailored customer experience services with over 6,000 agents and more than 45 clients across various industry segments. CEO, Eng. Mansour Al Dalaan expressed his enthusiasm about the partnership, stating: ‘Outsourcing the management of business processes is now more digital and potentially more powerful for providers willing to engage more strategically and collaboratively.”

Stefan Carlsson, Chairman of SESTEK
Stefan Carlsson, Chairman of SESTEK

Stefan Carlsson, Chairman of SESTEK, highlighted the benefits of the partnership, saying: “Our partnership with the region’s leading BPO now allows us to jointly develop AI-based tools and deliver on digital transformation initiatives for ccc’s broad client base. Clients today expect providers to attain dramatic improvements in end-user experience and efficiency metrics, such as faster service and call times, as well as positive feedback. This strategic partnership will thus pave the way for new opportunities for both organisations, as we help streamline operations and drive positive results going forward.”

AI boosts productivity in call centers

AI has revolutionised the BPO industry, transforming the way businesses operate. According to Aberdeen’s The Intelligent Contact Centre study, AI-powered call centres witnessed a 2.4x increase in annual agent productivity and a 3.3x increase in annual customer retention rates. By leveraging AI, businesses can streamline call centre operations and allow agents to focus on more urgent and complex issues.

SESTEK and ccc’s partnership marks a significant milestone in the BPO industry, harnessing the revolutionary potential of AI to unlock to unlock hidden value. By leveraging advanced AI capabilities, the partners aim to empower customers in maximising the potential of their call centres, thereby improving customer outcomes and driving overall success.


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