SMF introduces AI and ML systems in the Defi platform


Smart Finance recently announced its revolutionary decentralized finance (Defi) platform empowered by artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and groundbreaking mathematics expectations (ME). The SMF token is a secure and cost-effective method to invest and trade on the cryptocurrency market. Smart Finance, which is finalizing its industry-leading technical designs for market release, is positioned as the best financial tool capable of making significant profits on the cryptocurrency market.

According to the Founder of Smart Finance – TheZarchitect, “Artificial Intelligence is the ultimate game-changer in the crypto sector. AI provides a smart and powerful automated trading robot that can estimate crypto market values and automatically trade for you. This is the best crypto technology and the most efficient and straightforward method for trade monitoring and dedicated oversight. At any given time, you will know the status of your portfolio.”

Smart Finance offers unique features to its clients, including AntiScamAI (ASAI), an AI-powered scanner that will analyze provided tokens to determine potential scams. ASAI works on a three-step analysis. First, the content (text and pictures/illustrations) used for the website, whitepaper, and social media are analyzed and a score is defined based on writing fluency level, plagiarism, paraphrasing, and copied pictures. Second, it goes through a verification of the token smart contract and checks if liquidity is ever locked. It verifies token ownership, maximum allowed TAX, and whether a block selling function exists. Finally, AI will perform a broad internet search for market sentiment, leveraging NLP (Natural Language Processing) to a defined scope to crypto-oriented news websites and discussion forums.

In addition, the Whale AI Tracker will provide tracking of selected whales by the user, as the AI engine will be able to copy whale transactions before they are complete. And the Auto-Trading AI Bot, the first in the crypto world to be powered by Al, provides loss insurance to the user.

A Smart Finance spokesperson explained, “The main advantages of AI and ML are the ability to analyze large amounts of data, an amazing ability to learn, and benefits of taking action with accuracy and speed.”

Neural networks are the powerhouse of the Smart Finance platform and produce forecasts around the dynamics of the cryptocurrency market. The system is said to monitor, compare and forecast exchange rate variations during the trading day with an accuracy of up to 90%. Smart Finance’s approach centers around the technical and fundamental analysis.

“This may make things considerably simpler for new cryptocurrency traders who haven’t yet had time to learn how the crypto world works. In order to determine the mood of the crypto market, an investor requires an analysis of a large amount of data. This includes articles, blogs, forums, and even the comments that go with them. Our platform, which is built on artificial intelligence technologies, automatically performs the analysis and provides instantaneous, actionable results,” added the spokesperson. 



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