Sungrow inks distribution agreements with Herholdt’s and ARB

Sungrow signed certified distributor agreement with ARB
Sungrow signed certified distributor agreement with ARB

Sungrow, the global leading PV inverter and energy storage system provider, has solidified its presence in South Africa’s renewable energy sector with two significant agreements recently inked. The company has forged partnerships with Herholdt’s and ARB, both prestigious distributors in South Africa.

The signing ceremony marked the commencement of an official distribution agreement, whereby Sungrow is committed to providing a comprehensive range of products and services to these esteemed partners. This diverse offering comprises inverter and storage solutions tailored for residential and commercial & industrial applications. Additionally, Sungrow will offer extended support and comprehensive after-sales services to ensure smooth operations and optimal performance of the installed systems.

Sungrow, Herholdt's and ARB

Heine Herholdts, CEO of Herholdt’s stated, “The continuous decline in solar photovoltaic (PV) panel and battery prices is expected to unleash an unprecedented surge in the adoption of solar energy among residential and commercial users in South Africa. Herholdt’s is delighted to extend our partnership with Sungrow as well. Over the past year, we have seen the demand for Sungrow’s inverters and energy storage systems grow significantly, thanks to their excellent performance and reliability. We are committed to continuing our efforts in promoting and distributing Sungrow’s products, ensuring that South African customers have access to the most advanced renewable energy technology.”

Sungrow signed certified distributor agreement with Herholdt’s

“ARB is proud to announce our distribution agreement with Sungrow. We have always strived to offer our customers the most advanced and reliable renewable energy solutions. Sungrow’s commitment to innovation and excellence aligns perfectly with our own values, making them an ideal partner. Together, we aim to drive the adoption of sustainable energy alternatives in South Africa and contribute to a greener, more sustainable future.” Blayne Burke, CEO of ARB said.

Thompson Meng, the Vice President of Sungrow PV&storage BG, expressed his pride in fostering a collaborative partnership with local South African enterprises, Herholdt’s and ARB. “Sungrow has been firmly established in South Africa for numerous years,” he emphasized, noting that apart from utility-scale applications, their tailored solar-plus-storage solutions for residential, industrial, and commercial use have already secured a reliable customer base in the region. “Many families and enterprises have been utilizing Sungrow products and have expressed immense satisfaction with their performance,” he added. “We eagerly anticipate collaborating with Herholdt’s and ARB to expand our green power offerings in South Africa.”


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