Sustain.Life partners with the UN Global compact network USA

Sustain.Life collaborates with the UN Global Compact Network USA to drive sustainable event initiatives
Sustain.Life collaborates with the UN Global Compact Network USA to drive sustainable event initiatives

Sustain.Life announced its partnership with the UN Global Compact Network USA, the U.S. chapter of the UN Global Compact. The distinctive initiative championed by the United Nations Secretary-General invites businesses globally to realign their strategies and operations with its Ten Principles that span human rights, labor, environment, and anti-corruption.

As part of this collaboration, Sustain.Life will support and measure Network USA’s event-related emissions and is set to kick off at the 2023 SDG Summit USA, which takes place on September 20, 2023, with commitments for additional events in 2024.

“We are thrilled to align with the UN Global Compact Network USA. As an emissions-tracking platform, we recognize the pressing need to measure, manage, and report the environmental impact of events,” stated Annalee Bloomfield, CEO at Sustain.Life.

Sustain.Life and UN Global Compact Network USA

“Influential leaders like the UN Global Compact play an important role in setting expectations for global sustainability standards. Their commitment inspires and drives businesses, big and small, to reflect on their operations. In partnering with such a respected institution, we aim to amplify the message that tracking carbon emissions is not just good practice, but imperative as we move forward.”

“At Network USA, we aim to strengthen our role as a facilitator for sustainability collaboration while reducing our own environmental impact,” said Adam Roy Gordon, Executive Director at UN Global Compact Network USA. “We look forward to using the data and insights provided to improve our strategies for reducing carbon emissions at our events.”

This partnership between the two parties marks a significant step toward enhanced sustainability practices. By adding simple data—like location, venue size, and number of attendees—event organizers can now calculate carbon emissions associated with lodging, travel, waste, energy, food, and more. Tracking these emissions grants deeper insights into energy consumption and more, and also offers a competitive edge by enabling companies to produce carbon-neutral events.


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