Sylvox Releases 3rd Generation Outdoor TV

Sylvox, a global leading smart TV R&D, manufacturing, and Internet application development services company recently announced the official release of its latest slimmer and lighter 3rd generation Outdoor TV. The comapany claims that this is an Outdoor TV that can work in the extreme environment such as heavy rain, heat, sand, ice, and snow for a long time, and ensures stability in the case of rapid changes in climate and temperature differences between -35°C and 50°C.

According to sources, in order to meet the needs of users for watching movies at any time and anywhere, with its 13 years of experience in special TV production, Sylvox has launched a more powerful 3rd generation outdoor TVs with foresight, creativity, and determination in view of the complexity and variability of the outdoor environment.

With the global release of Sylvox’s third-generation models and two series, it is marked that Sylvox will lead a new round of global outdoor TV technology innovation.



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