Syntr Health Technologies partners HAPPYBOND to combat degenerative joint disease in canines

Anja Skodda, CEO and Chief Scientist of HAPPYBOND.

Syntr Health Technologies, Inc. and HAPPYBOND, Inc. are pleased to announce their partnership to combat degenerative joint disease in canines. By leveraging SYNTR’s patented SynterFugeK9 System along with HAPPYBOND’s uniquely formulated and patented collagen supplement, we seek to provide veterinarians and pet owners with an advanced and highly synergistic therapy for treating knee and joint osteoarthritis.

“We are excited to combine SYNTR’s autologous microsized fat tissue to replenish lost fat in the joints with HAPPYBOND’s unique pet supplements for cartilage regeneration. This will give our beloved canine friends the opportunity for a new lease on life,” said Cesar Millan CEO of Syntr Health. “Veterinarians and dog owners will have an enhanced therapy to combat one of the most common joint diseases experienced by dogs in the US.”

“One of the key issues experienced by dogs as they age is lack of mobility. We are super excited to join forces with an amazing solution to give our best friends the joy of movement back,” said Anja Skodda, CEO and Chief Scientist of HAPPYBOND. “This partnership will open up more research on current and future solutions to combat degenerative joint disease in canines.”

“Every pet parent’s goal should be to provide their dog with the most healthy and happy lifestyle possible. A big part of accomplishing this is being aware of the 5 body motions which are stretch, walk, run, rest and sleep. HAPPYBONDs Collagen+ is not only a preventative supplement for stiff joints & joint discomfort, its collagen base helps dogs stay moving, youthful and active well into their senior years. I give HAPPYBOND to my dogs & can confidently say that it works, ” said Cesar Millan.

This partnership focuses on achieving the best results by using the canine’s own fat tissue processed with the SyntrFugeK9 system, accompanied with pre- and post- oral supplementation with HAPPYBOND’s Collagen, which has shown to induce and enhance biosynthesis of collagen and the extracellular matrix in cartilage.

Our combined efforts will bring forth a synergistic, new treatment modality to relieve joint pain for our beloved dogs in a natural, simple, and affordable way.



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