Smart communications announces partnership with 6D Technologies

Smart Collaborates with 6D Technologies to Enhance Sales and Distribution Capabilities

6D Technologies, an innovative telecom solutions provider, announces a collaborative partnership with Smart Communications, Inc. (Smart), the wireless unit of PLDT, the Philippines’ largest, fully integrated telco network, to revolutionize its sales and distribution operations, offering comprehensive solutions to meet the evolving needs of the industry. Through this collaboration, 6D Technologies and Smart will streamline key sales and distribution […]

6D Technologies announces collaboration with AWS 

6D Technologies Announces Innovative Telco Cloudification Collaboration with AWS

6D Technologies, a trailblazer in Telco Cloudification, proudly announces its collaboration with Amazon Web Services (AWS). This collaboration will bring together the future-driven solutions from 6D Technologies with the infrastructure of AWS, promising unprecedented advancements in network scalability, agility, and customer experiences. Revolutionizing Telecom Landscape through Cloud-Native Solutions 6D Technologies’ innovative solutions play a pivotal role in supporting […]