KuCoin Labs Announces Strategic Partnership with OOFP

In a landmark collaboration, KuCoin Labs has joined forces with OOFP, a project within the Bitcoin ecosystem that provides value-added services for assets like inscriptions, runes, and NFTs. OOFP combines a vault pool for mining with strategies like holding, staking, and DeFi to enhance asset appreciation and growth. OOFP aims to create a vibrant ecosystem where participants […]

Strike introduces its cross-border payment service “Send Globally” in Mexico

Strike, the global money app for Bitcoin and fast, secure payments, yesterday announced the expansion of “Send Globally” to Mexico. With this expansion, it will bring its payment service to the largest remittance market in the US. In 2022, Mexico received $60 billion in remittances from the US alone, about 95% of total remittances from abroad. Today, sending a payment from […]

OrBit Markets launches the world’s first Bitcoin and Gold Hybrid Derivative

Over the past few months, Bitcoin and Gold have both witnessed noteworthy surges as investors have bet on the Federal Reserve slowing down the pace of interest rate hikes. The recent instability in the banking system has also further driven up the prices of these assets, leading some market observers to conclude that Bitcoin may […]

Syscoin partnership with ZKCross to develops DeFi community

Syscoin, a state of the art base layer protocol that uniquely combines the composability of Ethereum style smart contracts with the Bitcoin Network’s industry leading security, recently announced the integration of cross chain ZK rollups, in partnership with cross chain network ZKCross. ZKCross’ cross-chain ZK rollups combine Layer 2 and multichain rollup methods to create a […]

Mercado Pago launches service for buying, selling and holding cryptocurrencies in Brazil

In a new stage of its mission to democratize financial services in Latin America, Mercado Pago announced it will launch a service allowing millions of Brazilians to purchase, hold and sell cryptocurrencies starting in December. This is an initiative in partnership with Paxos, a qualified custodian and blockchain infrastructure platform, which will facilitate the integration with the […]

Regal Partners with Flexa to Enable Digital Currency Payments

Regal, a subsidiary of Cineworld Group and the operator of one of the largest and most geographically diverse theatre circuits in the United States, today that it has partnered with Flexa, the leading pure-digital payments network, to unlock access to digital currency payments for patrons around the world.  Regal is helping patrons to easily pay for movie […]

Okcoin Launches Sats Mode to Create Non-Decimal Bitcoin Experience

Okcoin, one of the world’s fastest-growing cryptocurrency platforms, announced the launch of Sats Mode, becoming the first US-licensed exchange to show bitcoin in satoshis (sats), the smallest unit of BTC, equivalent to 100 millionth of a bitcoin. The feature enables Okcoin customers to view their bitcoin balance and buy bitcoin in whole numbers—such as 1,645 sats—instead […]

Kucoin Crypto Black Friday To Benefit Crypto Consumers

KuCoin, a global leading crypto exchange, is thrilled to announce the launch of KuCoin Crypto Friday, which is the Black Friday for cryptocurrency holders. The event is scheduled from September 29 to October 10, and it is going to give away a total prize pool of 1,000,000 USDT. KuCoin Crypto Friday was born to further promote […]

‘US and EU are more receptive to crypto finances than APAC’: Hodlnaut

Word Business Outlook recently broke the news that Hodlnaut, a Singapore-based  borrowing and lending platform, has partnered with California-based cryptocurrency exchange platform, Okcoin. While Hodlnaut provides financial services to the cryptocurrency users, Okcoin is helping people buy and sell bitcoins and 20 other crypto assets.  As per the official claims, the partnership would make Hodlnaut […]