New battery-based compact 300kW charging system for EVs, ChargePost launched

ADS-TEC Energy recently announced ChargePost, one of the most compact, battery-based charging systems enabling ultra-fast electric vehicle (EV) charging, on existing power connections, without the need to extend existing grids. The system provides ultra-fast charging with an all-in-one design that integrates the battery, power electronics, cooling system and charger in a compact package requiring less […]

ADS-TEC Energy introduces ChargePost for ultra-fast EV charging

ADS-TEC Energy plc, a global leader in battery-buffered, ultra-fast charging technology, recently confirmed it is extending its battery-buffered, ultra-fast EV charging portfolio in Europe, despite global supply chain and other market challenges, with the addition of ChargePost later this year. Unlike the currently-available, battery-buffered ChargeBox, which consists of a separate battery-booster module and two charging […]