Thomson Reuters Corporation enters into agreement to acquire Casetext

Thomson Reuters Corporation Signs Definitive Agreement to Acquire Casetext

Thomson Reuters Corporation (“Thomson Reuters”), a global content and technology company, yesterday announced it has signed a definitive agreement to acquire Casetext, a California-based provider of technology for legal professionals, for $650 million cash. The proposed transaction will complement Thomson Reuters existing AI roadmap and builds on its recent initiatives, including a commitment to invest more than $100 million annually […]

Zoho integrates ChatGPT with Zia and strengthens Generative AI Capabilities

Zoho Corporation, a leading global technology company, yesterday announced execution plans and ongoing investment in AI, beginning with the launch of 10 generative AI Zoho application extensions and integrations, powered by ChatGPT. Zoho’s developing AI strategy includes platform expansion and its innovation roadmap with a focus on delivering superior customer experience and value while ensuring the […]

Opera reveals Opera One, an entirely revamped browser

Opera unveiled Opera One recently. Opera One is the early access version of a completely redesigned browser that is planned to replace the flagship Opera browser for Windows, MacOS, and Linux later this year. Based on Modular Design, Opera One transforms the way you interact with your browser, delivering a liquid navigation experience which is more intuitive to […]

Databricks launches Dolly 2.0, an open-source, instruction-following LLM

Databricks, the lakehouse company, announced the release of Dolly 2.0, the world’s first open-source, instruction-following large language model (LLM), fine-tuned on a human-generated instruction dataset licensed for commercial use. This follows the initial release of Dolly in March 2023, an LLM trained for less than USD$30 to exhibit ChatGPT-like human interactivity (aka instruction-following). Dolly 2.0 is […]