HTX Ventures invests in RedStone Oracles to support DeFi market

HTX Ventures Invests in RedStone Oracles to Expand Modular DeFi Infrastructure

In support of a more efficient and user-friendly DeFi market, HTX Ventures, the global investment arm of the cryptocurrency exchange HTX, has announced a strategic investment in RedStone. RedStone is one of the fastest-growing modular oracles in 2024 that delivers diverse, high-frequency data feeds to EVM Layer1, Layer2, Rollup-as-a-Service networks, and beyond, including Starknet, Fuel Network, and TON. RedStone’s modular […]

Komodo Health’s two new executive appointments to strengthen its leadership team

Komodo Health, a leading healthcare technology company, announced the appointment of Vikas Mehta as its new Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and Sarah Shin as the company’s new Chief People Officer (CPO). The two seasoned leaders will join Komodo’s executive team, where they will be responsible for implementing Komodo’s long-term growth and expansion strategy for their […]