Sigma Defense Systems unveils Sigma software studio

Sigma Defense Systems unveils Sigma software studio

Sigma Defense Systems announces the launch of Sigma Software Studio, a cutting-edge DevSecOps platform poised to revolutionize software development for the DoD and government agencies. Rooted in Sigma’s collaboration with PEO Digital and Black Pearl, Sigma Software Studio, is a DevSecOps platform designed for transformation and software modernization across the Department of the Navy. The […]

Sintavia secures a strategic investment from Lockheed Martin Corporation

Sintavia Receives Strategic Investment from Lockheed Martin Corporation

Sintavia, LLC, an additive designer and manufacturer of advanced thermodynamic components for aerospace & defense applications, yesterday announced that it had received a direct equity investment from Lockheed Martin Corporation. Sintavia’s products include some of the most advanced mechanical systems used in flight applications today, including multi-circuit heat exchangers, complex thermodynamic chassis, and monolithic cooling […]

Merlin appoints two former US Airforce leaders to its Federal Advisory Board

Major General Kyle Kremer (Right) and Preston Dunlap (Left) appointed to Merlin's Federal Advisory Board

Merlin, one of the leading developers of safe, autonomous flight technology for fixed-wing aircraft, recently announced the appointments of retired Major General Kyle Kremer and Preston Dunlap to its Federal Advisory Board as it continues the market expansion and commercialization of its dual-use integrated hardware and software solution, the Merlin Pilot. Dunlap and Maj. Gen. […]

Brandywine uses OSA 5422 from ADVA for defense applications

ADVA recently announced that Brandywine Communications is using its OSA 5422 grandmaster clock to deliver a robust and feature-rich M-Code timing solution for use cases such as US Department of Defense applications. The new edge synchronization offering addresses the key requirements of military networks by providing enhanced positioning, navigation and timing (PNT) capabilities and improved resilience. Built […]