How to Optimize Your Google My Business Listing


In today’s bustling digital landscape, businesses must establish a strong online presence to attract local customers and stand out from competitors. One of the most effective ways to achieve this is through local SEO (search engine optimization), with a key component being Google My Business (GMB) listings. This free tool from Google allows businesses to […]

Governments and Enterprises in the Middle East collaborate at the World AI Show

A recent report suggests that the global AI market is expected to hit USD 733.7 billion by 2027, growing at a CAGR of 42.2%. Both the government and enterprises in the MENA region are actively investing in AI technologies to boost economic growth, improve public services, and enhance business operations. Meanwhile, the AI race between […]

Volvo Cars and Polestar to be equipped with Google HD Maps

In the upcoming Volvo EX90, lidar, cameras and radars come together to understand the car’s surroundings and help keep passengers safe. To further improve their assisted driving technologies and eventually reach autonomous driving in the future, Volvo also needs a way to recognise their environment at detail – both immediately in front of it and […]

Google Cloud creates an advisory council for its point carbon zero programm

Recently at Singapore FinTech Festival 2022, Google Cloud announced three key updates under the Point Carbon Zero Program, which was jointly launched in July with the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) to catalyze the incubation and adoption of climate fintech solutions in Asia over the next three years. These updates include the appointment of an Advisory Board to guide the […]

Klick onboards Ryan Olohan as Executive Vice President

The Klick Group of Companies’ Chairman and CEO Leerom Segal recently announced that Google veteran Ryan Olohan has joined Klick as Executive Vice President, Growth to further turbocharge Klick’s ongoing success and industry momentum. “Ryan is one of the brightest, hardest-working, and most personable individuals in our industry,” Segal said. “He has made a huge […]

Phiar attracts new funding and appoints former Google executive

Phiar Technologies, a market leader in AI-powered Augmented Reality navigation for driving, today announced the close of a new $12 million Series A funding round and the hiring of new CEO Gene Karshenboym, formerly Google’s Global Head of Android Automotive Platforms. The new Series A fund was led by State Farm Ventures that includes new […]

How to improve your English pronunciation

Whether you are looking to improve your English as an accomplishment, or need to sit IELTS or the Cambridge exams, these are our tips to help you improve your English pronunciation.

One of the hardest aspects to master when learning the English language is getting the pronunciation right. There is nothing worse than someone repeatedly asking you ‘sorry, what did you say?’. So, whether you are looking to improve your English as an accomplishment, or need to sit IELTS or the Cambridge exams, these are our […]