APAC Banking Sector Performance in 2022-2023: Navigating Economic Headwinds


The Asia-Pacific (APAC) banking sector faced a dynamic landscape in 2022-2023, marked by economic headwinds and varying performance across emerging markets (EMs) and developed markets (DMs). Let’s delve into the key trends and outlook for APAC banks during this period. 1. Steady Outlook Despite Challenges Despite challenges stemming from weakening global demand, high inflation, and […]

Follow the Gold: Unravelling Bullion Prices for Prudent Investments

The allure of gold, a timeless and trusted investment, is undeniably irresistible. Its inherent value and stability, especially during economic downturns, have made it a reliable wealth preservation tool across various cultures and eras. Understanding the dynamics of bullion prices is vital in optimising returns in the precious metals market. Understanding the Price Mechanics of […]

Average UK House Prices Tops Over £250K as Inflation Reaches a New High

According to the latest figures released by Nationwide, the average home in the UK will now set buyers back more than a quarter of a million pounds. Data shows that prices have continued to increase, despite the end of the stamp duty holiday, with a monthly increase of 0.7% recorded in October of this year. […]